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  • wooden single bed along side wall arrangement

    3 simple Tips for bed arrangement for a small space

    The following tips target single person or someone who has a young adolescent kids. Bed arrangement is not always evident, especially in a small bedroom. Either there is a space constraint or you simply run out of ideas on how to improve the living space. By following the three simple steps here, you will make […] More

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    king size platform bed with headboard DIY

    A platform bed or a cabin bed is a modern furniture for any home. It features a base frame and a mattress that is not necessary equipped with box spring as foundation. Usually, the king size cabin bed may or may not come with a headboard. It is very sleek and modern where more and […] More

  • DIY IKEA Murphy Bed Design
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    Modern Murphy Beds

    The other day when doing research for a swiss concept bed, I stumbled upon a term Murphy Bed which to my surprise, it is a foldable bed which I have seen it before. According to Wikipedia , Murphy bed has other names such as fold down bed, pull down bed or wall bed. The different […] More

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    Hasena swiss bed concept

    Hasena is a swiss base furniture company. The company was established in early 1950 by three Hasenfratz brothers. Originally only rudimentary tools were used to mad these awesome swiss design bedframe. Fast forward 60 years later, a new production line has come to shape with a new factory in Biel-Benken. Among the many Hasena ‘s […] More

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    block bed concept from interio

    Yesterday I visit interio concept store in Blandonet, Geneva. It was quick pack with people trying to do shopping for their early Christmas. For me, I went there to search for a new bed to replace my broken bedframe bought earlier from conforama. Among what we like, the bed name BLOCK standout. It is made […] More

  • Modern Kids Castle Bed by Loren Swanson

    Modern Kids Castle Bed by Loren Swanson

    The castle is a symbol of the opulence of a Kingdom, some ideas come from the shape of the Castle. As in Modern Kids Castle Bed by Loren Swanson. This special mattress for the kids because the original purpose of the making of the Modern Kids Castle Bed so that kids love to be all […] More

  • Classic Wooden Edge Bed

    Classic Wooden Edge Bed

    Classic Wooden Edge Bed is a bed disintegrated as idyllic retreat timber floating floating peacefully out at sea. On the edge of the design as an integrated part of the furniture with the extra wide platform eliminates the need for end table or bedside bench. Four sliding drawers below serve as hideaways perfect for blankets […] More