7 Best ideas for under stairs storage from Ikea

neat storage cabinet under staircase

IKEA in the Alam Sutera area of Tangerang is a usual place I hang out sometime. I visit the store not just for inspiration but also to enjoy the great food there. In fact this Ikea store is the first store that was open in Indonesia. Just like elsewhere in the world, the concept is pretty much the same. The other day when I visit their store, I have seen one strange storage cabinet in the shape which would suit the underneath of a staircase. This stumble upon by chance led me to write this post. So let’s sit back and relax the following 7 best ideas (pictures) I found:

Under stair storage for books from Billy Bookcases

ikea under stair bookshelf from Billy Bookcase
Billy bookcases is one of a mid range Ikea product. The good news is that you could DIY to upgrade this Billy Bookcases and turn them into a great under the stair storage for your book and impress your guest – see proof below (via: ikea hacker):

straight staircase with bookshelve underneath under stair storage shelve for books made from Ikea BillyBookcase
In this DIY Ikea under stair storage, a total of five white Billy Bookcase were used. According to the online store, the Billy comes with different size with adjustable shelves for easy placement of your books.
understair bookcase from Ikea Billy

Under stair storage in living room

If your house has multiple storey and you have a staircase that leads from a living room to another floor. You may want to have a good design for the space beneath the stair. In such instance, using the usual Ikea products may not necessary produce the result that you want. Instead, I suggest you consult their sale department to have the storage cabinet done for you. See some ideas below:

hidden storage cabinet and open space under straight staircase

neat storage cabinet under staircase

storage cabinet under a straight stair

under stair storage and decoration with kitchenware

Under round staircase storage concept

Round or spiral staircase is quite tricky when it comes to using Ikea product for storage while keeping the aesthetic pleasant. See example below and you may improve the storage problem around your spiral staircase:

spiral staircase with under stair storage cabinet for decorative items

additional storage space for spiral staircase

warm library space underneath a spiral staircase storage space concept
A beautiful library of books under a spiral staircase – a great storage space concept for book lovers.


While you are searching for an idea for storage space to implement for your staircase (a straight or a spiral stair), Ikea could be a place where you could visit. Before putting serious money into implement this project, be sure to check online for some great ideas just like this post.

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