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    9 Must Have Storage Tools for Your Kitchen

    I love big space and hate cluttered kitchen. People would call that a minimalist design. For me, it is for good fengshui. For that reason, today I am going to share with you the best 9 storage tools that you need to declutter your kitchen. Why do I need to declutter my kitchen? I am […] More

  • Manzanita Bench
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    Garden & Outdoor Collection 2012

    Update: This garden & outdoor furniture collection was published on 10 October 2012.  Today, I’m going to try to revive it with additional cool and unique design for your summer collection. Hope you will find the updated version useful. The theme this time is the Garden & Outdoor, some people spend most time in the garden. From simple […] More

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    Best vintage wood file cabinets – The Huntington Oxford 2-Drawer Filing Cabinet Review

    Some people might say we dont need a file cabinet anymore in this digital age. For me, this statement is totally absurd. As a matter of fact, real and valuable content are still paper based. For example, your university certificate, your house’s deed or a wedding certificate. All these documents are valuable and must stay on paper form. Although you can scan and […] More

  • rustic heartshape vintage mail holder for wall
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    7 Best Vintage letter holder wall mount for your home

    I’ve never had any letter holders for my house. I used to keep those letters just on my tables or kitchen counter. This was changed when my uncle came to visit me in winter 2016. At that time after his return from a flea market, he has bought for me a vintage key holder with […] More

  • Wall Basket Storage for Kids Toy
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    Wall Basket Storage for Kids Toy

    The Kids often leave toys for granted, there is no room to put toys practically until finally appeared the idea to make a Wall for Kids Toy Storage Basket with iron powder coated Construction means they are tough enough to handle almost any job. And the different colors mean they can fit almost any decorating […] More

  • Solid Oak Nightstand Furniture 1
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    Solid Oak Nightstand Furniture

    Solid Oak furniture Nightstand is the perfect form of the past. features two drawers for storing your precious collection, the medieval Table borrowed lean legs, elbows and unpretentious retro details from the ‘ 50s and ‘ 60s silhouettes furniture. It has Furniture dimensions: 18 “w x 15” d x 24 “h, and on sale at […] More

  • Industrial Garment Rack by stellableudesigns 1

    Industrial Rack Collection 2012

    Some collections of Industrial Rack Collection 2012 this time present to give your storage solution specifically for urban communities who do not have enough room in his house, Please enjoyed…. 1. Industrial Garment Rack by stellableudesigns There is another side of the goods unused industry especially the pipe, as in the show by Industrial Garment Rack. […] More

  • Cool BookBike Creation by BYOGRAFIA
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    Cool BookBike Creation by BYOGRAFIA

    A unique idea came from byografia for a collection of your bicycle at home with Bookbike. Shaped to resemble furniture book shelf is divided into two parts, on the one hand the typical rack units to keep your stuff in your collection, another craftily holds your bike. Each unit comes with hooks that can be […] More

  • Antique Wooden 23 Drawer Storage Cabinet



    Antique Wooden 23 Drawer Storage Cabinet

    The Cabinet is an important element for the place of storage, the remarkable thing in the show by the Antique Wooden 23 Drawer Storage Cabinet. From the start you see you would have already guessed that this cabinet has a storage space very much. Not only is it just this cabinet is 4 separate parts […] More

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