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    Rattan Swirl Table With 4 Chairs Stunning

    This is for someone who loves Rattan material furniture. In this post, you will see beautiful rattan swirl table with 4 accompanied chair. They are perfect for any garden. Unlike any other wooden style furniture, the rattan material is more durable which can last very long. You can enjoy the sun while impressing your visitors […] More

  • fall baskets flower
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    fall flowers for hanging baskets 2017

    It is Autumn 2017 soon. The fall is time to plant some nice fruity plant around the garden. It is also a time for flower which you can use to hang from the baskets. To welcome the Autumn, I’d like to share some beautiful flowers for hanging baskets here. You see fall flower needs to […] More

  • backyard japanese garden design in Boston area by ZenAssociates

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    77 Japanese garden ideas for small spaces that will bring Zen to Your Home

    Japanese garden is traditional garden aims at elevating the ideal nature of a far away place. It introduces zen to any home and bring harmony to its surrounding. The garden usually does not use any artificial ornament. Instead, it brings both the Japanese philosophy and aesthetic to highlight the natural beauty. In this ultimate guide […] More

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    what colored vegetable to plant in garden?

    Gardening will take on an entirely new significance when you put these brilliant vegetables in it. Friends and neighbors will be amazed and kids will adore showing off their great garden. Rainbow Carrots Develop red, yellow, orange and purple carrots with kaleidoscope combinations. These carrots retain the exact same tasty sweet flavor you are used […] More

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    Low maintenance garden design ideas

    Plant the right plant in the right place is a key towards low maintenance garden. What I mean by the right plant is the type of flower that could grow by itself naturally with less attention to it, for example: the Velvet cloak smoke tree, the Jules Verne Peony, the Japanese Barberry or the Bloody Cranesbill […] More

  • front yard flower garden

    Flower garden design for front yard

    While maintaining a flower garden can be an enjoyable hobby, many gardeners find that planning and planting requires a certain amount of skill, but with a little practice, almost anyone can design a beautiful flower bed. Provided you have a basic understanding of the need for vertile soil and sunlight plant, and learn a little […] More

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    Decorative Tip: Buddha statues for home and garden

    Our home is the center of life, from which we get the power we need for our busy day. But so that we can actually fill up our life energies, a home environment is necessary to the peace and warmth radiates and can relax. A stylish ambience with the right accessories will help us to […] More

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    My Pot is Upside Down

    My world is sometimes head, but can now also flowerpots. No, they did not read wrong, flower pots can now not only take place on a window sill, especially modern copies hanging from the ceiling. How is this possible? I was also wondering. After all, is subject to the potting soil nor the laws of […] More

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    Planting Indoor Herb Garden at Home

    There are lots of reasons for indoor herb garden to be one of the most popular kinds of garden. For a beginner, an indoor herb garden is easier to handle. In addition to its useful functions as cooking ingredient and medicine, indoor herb garden can also be used as home décor. You can put it […] More

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    Growing Your Vertical Gardens Indoors With Cactus Plants

    The need to turning your apartment into a beautiful miniature park is now increasingly required along with dense urban development. There are many choices of plants for this concept, but this time we tried it with cactus plants. Cactus plants do not require a lot of space and with simple treatment, cactus can grow well indoors.   More

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    35 Small Urban Garden Design Concept and Pictures

    Small urban garden design concept is one of the best solutions if you don’t have enough space at your home.  Here are some pictures that I can collect to be a concern for you before deciding to build a small urban garden at your home. Please leave a comment if you like’s some of concept […] More

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