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  • Wooden wheel chandelier with 8 head

    13 antique farmhouse wood beam island hanging pendant light chandelier

    A very cold welcoming to 2021. My mercury has dropped to 28 Fahrenheit and I relax on my round couch without the worry of the Covid-19 pandemic. While January is the time of the year where most people start to think of their resolution, for me, it is time of the year to plan for […] More

  • backyard string light for party goer

    8 cheap outdoor party lighting ideas you can implement tonight!

    This week, many countries in Southeast Asia celebrate their new year. Just like the Christian celebrating Christmas and the Hindu celebrating deepavali. During this period, they tidy their homes and put up some lighting to welcome the new year. For those who enjoy living in private homes, they would normally light up their backyard with […] More

  • pendant light orange color

    orange pendant kitchen light

    I love to design my kitchen to suit the color scheme of my home. It happened to me that Orange is my new favourite color after my visit to Kopitiam in Living World shopping center the other day. That is why today, I am going to showcase 13 beautiful orange pendant kitchen light that you should consider […] More

  • romantic outdoor lighting on a tree and a couple seat

    9 outdoor lighting ideas for backyard of house

    It is almost 2a.m in the morning here while I am typing this article. My boy just woke up about an hour a go and while putting him to bed again, I started to get hungry. As such, after a cup of noodle down into my stomach, I looked outside and could enjoy the lighting […] More

  • transloetje lamp indoor usage by fatboy

    fatboy lamp – transloetje transparent lamp Review

    Are you looking for a hand size lamp that are great for home décor and at the same time very mobile? Meet fatboy transloetje transparent lamp. Probably the world first indoor and outdoor LED lamp made by fatboy. Indoor transparent Lamp Fatboy, well known for its Lamzac beanbag, creates this awesome indoor lamp that is […] More

  • green vintage danish pendant light for dining room

    4 affordable Vintage Danish pendant lamp for dining room

    From reviewing the statistic on homelilys décor blog, I realized a large portion of reader enjoy the Scandinavian design. To serve you better, I am going to perform a market research and provide you with the best four affordable vintage ceiling lights from Denmark (one of the Scandinavian country). The goal of this post is to […] More

  • night view on mountain top light art

    9 wall light sculpture that you can buy on a Budget

    Light sculpture is a three dimension art using light bulb. These light arts are beautiful from any angle as it projects awesome light shadow that one can appreciate. In August 2012, I have already published a unique wall light sculpture that attract a lot of visitors due to its visibility on Google Search Result. In […] More

  • in

    Unique Goatee Desk Lamp 2013

    A masterpiece of art lingting come from Goatee Desk Lamp 2013, A caricature of iconic lamp forms, Goatee is designed to introduce a bit of playfulness into everyday tasks. The handle allows for quick adjustment of the lamp’s height and orientation while acting as a counterweight to hold the structure in place. More

  • Modern Retro Blue Danish Hanging Lamp by Lyfa

    Modern Retro Blue Danish Hanging Lamp by Lyfa

    The blue Seen easing, that’s the right word when she first saw Modern Retro Blue Danish Hanging Lamp by Lyfa, overlapping design shaped petals that bloom made this lamp looks special. Modern Retro Blue Danish Hanging Lamp by Lyfa Modern Retro Blue Danish has a size of 24 cm dia x 22 cm high, perfect […] More

  • DIY Jar Pendant Light

    DIY Jar Pendant Light

    This is the perfect DIY Jar Pendant Light vintage blue ball perfect Mason Quart made of jars. Each bottle has a light switch on/off switch so that Light is generated you can customize. DIY Jar Pendant Light In the example screenshot below you can see that the DIY Jar Pendant Light has a vintage blend […] More

  • DIY Unique Creation Paper hanging lamp by BuoKids

    DIY Unique Creation Paper hanging lamp by BuoKids

    Hanging lamp often used to light up a room, in addition to its main function as your room often also made an ornament, as shown by the example of the Unique collection of DIY Unique Creation Paper hanging lamp by BuoKids. DIY Unique Creation Paper hanging lamp by BuoKids Following the design of paper lanterns, […] More

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