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  • pendant light orange color
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    orange pendant kitchen light

    I love to design my kitchen to suit the color scheme of my home. It happened to me that Orange is my new favourite color after my visit to Kopitiam in Living World shopping center the other day. That is why today, I am going to showcase 13 beautiful orange pendant kitchen light that you should consider […] More

  • romantic outdoor lighting on a tree and a couple seat

    9 outdoor lighting ideas for backyard of house

    It is almost 2a.m in the morning here while I am typing this article. My boy just woke up about an hour a go and while putting him to bed again, I started to get hungry. As such, after a cup of noodle down into my stomach, I looked outside and could enjoy the lighting […] More

  • Creative Baseball Table Lamp by Kelly Taylor

    Creative Baseball Table Lamp by Kelly Taylor

    If you’re a fans of baseball sport, you will like handmade lamp work of Kelly Taylor, baseball inspire entirely to Creative Baseball Table Lamp, because all the basic ingredients that are in use for construction using attributes that are in use to play baseball like the batter sticks and gloves. Creative Baseball Table Lamp by Kelly […] More

  • transloetje lamp indoor usage by fatboy

    fatboy lamp – transloetje transparent lamp Review

    Are you looking for a hand size lamp that are great for home décor and at the same time very mobile? Meet fatboy transloetje transparent lamp. Probably the world first indoor and outdoor LED lamp made by fatboy. Indoor transparent Lamp Fatboy, well known for its Lamzac beanbag, creates this awesome indoor lamp that is not […] More

  • green vintage danish pendant light for dining room

    4 affordable Vintage Danish pendant lamp for dining room

    From reviewing the statistic on homelilys décor blog, I realized a large portion of reader enjoy the Scandinavian design. To serve you better, I am going to perform a market research and provide you with the best four affordable vintage ceiling lights from Denmark (one of the Scandinavian country). The goal of this post is to […] More

  • night view on mountain top light art

    9 wall light sculpture that you can buy on a Budget

    Light sculpture is a three dimension art using light bulb. These light arts are beautiful from any angle as it projects awesome light shadow that one can appreciate. In August 2012, I have already published a unique wall light sculpture that attract a lot of visitors due to its visibility on Google Search Result. In […] More

  • la case de cousin paul beautiful light ball to welcome 2014

    Colourful Lights Balls

    Do you already know the spherical colorful lights from France? I see them everywhere at the moment. In Paris, there is a wonderfully cheerful store of La Case de cousin Paul (, who is definitely on the Paris shopping tour list. But Paris still up in the air right now, I was very excited as […] More

  • Luminous Book Made by White Plexiglas

    Luminous Book Made by White Plexiglas

    Your book collection can luminous, this happens if you have a Luminous Book Made by White Plexiglas. LED bulbs which are shaped like a book with a size 24 cm high, 17 cm wide and 8 cm deep can create light on your best book collection. Its shape which resembles a book really makes everything […] More

  • Knotty Bubbles Chandelier Design by Linsey Adelman

    Best Collection Chandelier 2012 by mattermatters

    Towards the end of the year it looks like you have to start replacing your Chandelier collection, in this time homelilys present featuring 8 Collections by mattermatters of Chandelier you can make  reference here. Some collections are showing the form and function of living you adjust to the needs of your home. 1. Knotty Bubbles Chandelier […] More

  • Modo Bubble Chandelier

    Modo Bubble Chandelier

    The theme this time is bubbles, an inspiration for the chandelier. Modo Bubble Chandelier is designed to be flexible. On some specific parts can be in the form of the Fox position adjusts as you want. Modo Bubble Chandelier There are 2 color options i.e. smoke and clear glass, installation process just drape canopy with […] More

  • DIY Lighting Lily flowers by Soros Sangsureewatchara

    DIY Lily Lighting flowers by Soros Sangsureewatchara

    DIY Lily Lighting flowers by Soros Sangsureewatchara inspired lighting is entirely of lily flowers, in addition to its unique and beautiful lighting could also be in the stalk and modification on color bulb the light thereof following the theme of a new type of interest is displayed. DIY Lighting Lily flowers by Soros Sangsureewatchara This is […] More

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