The most expensive homes in 9 Asian Countries

the most expensive private villa in Luang Prabang Laos

It has been depressing weeks for our team here at homelilys as at least several positions have been abolished. The fact is that financial crisis is not really over yet. This is one of the main reason behind my depressing posts lately. Despite the situation, we need to rise and shine while keeping the positive side. And yes, today’s topic […]

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Is Your Electricity Bill Too High, Sydney folk?

beautiful solar panel on roof home owner Australia

As you may have seen on several occasion, I have written on Australia interior and exterior design market. For instance, in early April this year, I have written an article on a beautiful garden design in Canberra (click here to view) and a few days back on a tipping taps issue for an Australian resident. […]

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What Causes Dripping Taps and How to fix it? Plumber Detective in Australia

get a plumber for dipping tab

One windy night, I hear Drip, drip , drip… The sound that will not stop which keeps me awake all night. The culprit? The faucet from my bathrooms. Drip, drip, drip… Aside from being annoying, a dripping tap wastes a lot of water and can eventually lead to other plumbing problems. You want to get […]

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24 best rock climbing wall for toddler you can diy

toddler-friendly rock climbing for home

I was introduced to the rock climbing through my niece. She was 9 years old when I saw her rock climbed for the first time. It was during an occasion of a holiday in Jakarta where we visited one of the city’s indoor gym.  The gym is a large, skinny and tall building. I would […]

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8 plants for landscaping with evergreens and shrubs

frost lavender in backyard garden evergreen shrub

Despite the changes in season, the evergreen shrub will not shed its leave. Evergreen plants are ideal for lazy homeowner. I would declare myself, a lazy homeowner because I hardly do any lawn mowing or tailoring my hedge. Instead, I had on yearly basis a gardener who would come by and do the jobs for […]

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Upright piano placement in living room

traditional upright piano placement in a classic home

I just bought a Yamaha SG2 silent upright piano for my little boy who had started his piano lesson about a month a go. This upright piano costs me over 7,000 USD and hence it is a heavy investment for which I need to find a suitable location to put it. Since I am placing […]

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