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    5 simple beach shacks for homestay in Cambodia

    Last update as of 31 January 2021: It’s been 2 years since I wrote this article. Now, moving toward 2021, Sihanouk Ville has been developping in a dragon speed. With more than 1400 constructions are ongoing as of today, Sihanoukville is one of the top city in Cambodia with highest newly built building. Most of […] More

  • How to effectively plan the space in your home

    How to effectively plan the space in your home

    Making the best use of your space means making the most of your current house and decorating it according to the highlights of the walls, floors, and ceiling. For example, If you have high ceilings, you immediately have more options to enhance your space with a mezzanine or high bespoke walls. If you have a […] More

  • Wooden wheel chandelier with 8 head

    13 antique farmhouse wood beam island hanging pendant light chandelier

    A very cold welcoming to 2021. My mercury has dropped to 28 Fahrenheit and I relax on my round couch without the worry of the Covid-19 pandemic. While January is the time of the year where most people start to think of their resolution, for me, it is time of the year to plan for […] More

  • Cute Hammock for Pets by Cat Crib

    Cute Hammock for Pets by Cat Crib

    Are you a pet owner? Then take a look at this cute hammock for cat. This is very unique ideas and they are so beautiful. A unique idea for hammocks come from the Crib, this is a great Paint hammock for your pets. things that are unique from the bed this is located under the […] More

  • girl trying to clean up messy room

    What to throw out when decluttering basement

    I have written a thorough guide on minimalism through decluttering 101. As part of my research, most challenges people face is the many choices they have to make on what to throw out. Hence, in this post, I’m going to share with you the 9 things you can give away or throw away from your […] More

  • indoor planters on working desk

    13 Cheap Modern Indoor Planters Or DIY Indoor Planters

    Making and internal and external space more attractive and functionally useful for its residents is in human nature. He or she gets attracted to stylish lounges and a beautiful backyard. All of us unconsciously look forward to adding new stuff and details to our home which could make our home look beautiful and elegant. Home […] More

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    19 Beautiful Small Coffee Tables for Studio Apartment

    Coffee tables or cocktail tables are used to place in the large TV lounge or living room in front of sofas or upholstered chairs to support magazines, decorative vases, beverages, or other small objects. However, if you are living in a tiny space, here are some 19 beautiful small coffee tables for studio apartment that […] More

  • original indestructible shoes

    Ryder Indestructible Shoes Review

    Three years ago, I published a review on bucketfeet slip on shoe, which was designed by Mr. Pheap Tarr. Now in 2020, I found an interesting sneaker that is known to be indestructible no matter what type of condition the sneaker is exposed to. People have been wearing sneakers for so long because they are […] More

  • 1302602 - Greenworks Lawn mower

    Greenworks lawn mower reviews

    Gone are the days of wintry light kissing coldly on your face. Snow flurries has stopped falling and they do not swirl around people’s legs like house cats anymore. This is the end of your hibernation period. Snow is melting off the panes and treas. Wintery breaths are no longer clouding the ponds; frozen lakes […] More

  • rambler house

    Rambler House Style – An ideal House plan?

    One of the first architects to use the rambler house style was Cliff May in the 1930s, inspired by southwestern ranch homes. A rambler house style is a house that is spread out over one floor and grows out instead of up. These are also known as the ranch house’ style. In some areas, it […] More

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    Declutter 101: how to declutter your home and your life

    Very few things feel better than having a junk-free home. The thought of having a well-arranged life with less stuff is so refreshing. There are so many upsides of having fewer possessions; fewer things to organize obviously and consequently, less stress and time during clean up especially for the woman who is a homemaker. Fewer […] More

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