6 Extraordinary Tips to renovate your Bathroom

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? You must be looking for some tips that will make your bathroom unique and extraordinary within a limited budget. Then you are on the perfect site! We have some top tips for you to make your bathroom look stunning. 

The size of the bathroom is not compulsory to give it a marvelous and luxurious look. It all depends on how you plan. When it comes to remodeling, small twists have a great impact but it isn’t always easy.

We have line-up tips for your convenience that will help you figure out what to choose and what is best to renovate your bathroom. 

renovate your bathroom

Renovate your Bathroom through these tips 

Bathroom Tiles

When you want to renovate your bathroom, the design of tiles and color scheme is the most exciting part. Tiles make the biggest impact whenever you walk into the bathroom. Their shine and symmetrical layout never fail to attract the eyes.

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Tiles are available in almost all colors and patterns, it all depends on you which color and pattern you have planned to renovate your bathroom. The size of tiles, colors, and patterns are the most confusing things. For your helping hand, we have shortlisted some points.

Size of tiles:

Ceramic tiles come in a wide range of sizes. It is important to know which size is suitable for your bathroom. Not every size is suitable for every bathroom. 

For instance, when you want to renovate your bathroom which has a small area, large tiles on the floor will give an awkward appearance. Similarly, in a large bathroom area, small tiles will jumble up the floor with small patterns. 

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

Match and mix trends:

This style is a trend of 2021. Place two different patterns of tile to give a creative look. Use bold and loud colors to make an eye-catching effect. You can use paint and tiles to cut your cost. Wallpapers are a good replacement for tiles when you plan to reduce your cost. Compliment your fixtures and fittings with golden or silver color to enhance the beauty of bold color. 

Patterned tile bathroom design:

There is a vast collection of patterns and designs of tiles that can add a sumptuous look when you want to renovate your bathroom. Play with patterns, give a colorful look to the boring bathroom. Tiles are traditional but never fail to give a glamorous look. Go creative while choosing patterned tiles. 

Try different and loud colors with bold patterns. They will not only give a modern look but also freshens your mind when you walk into your bathroom. The pattern of tiles should be calming and complement other accessories of the bathroom. 

Tiles protect your walls from water and they are easy to clean. Tiles can be super expensive but they are a long-lasting investment.  

Marble gives marvelous look:

renovate your bathroom

Marble never fails to add a luxurious look. Tiles of Marble can be mixed with any color to enhance the modern look when you renovate your bathroom. Complement marble with your fixture and fittings. Try new colors when you plan to add marble tiles on the wall or floor. 

Fixtures and fittings 

There are so many types of fixtures and fittings to choose from. It is the most complicated part when you renovate your bathroom. To give you a helping hand we have a list of top 2021 fixtures and fitting ideas. 

Bathroom fixtures to renovate your bathroom

Wall-hung basins :

renovate your bathroom

To give your bathroom a decent and sophisticated look, install a wall-hung basin. They occupy less space and give a smart look.

There is a massive variety of bathroom basins and bathroom vanities that can add a luxurious look to your bathroom.

Custom-made vanities are in trend. You can add a bowl of your own choice that completely blends the rest of the fittings in your bathroom.

Bathtubs :

Bathtubs add luxury to a bathroom. It serves as a focal point in a bathroom. A bathtub would be a smart investment if you want to relax from a hectic routine.

There are various styles and shapes of bathtubs. If you have a small space in your bathroom combine it with a shower to save the space.

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An ultra-modern tap can add a stylish look to a simple basin. A modern technology tap has a built-in sensor, that saves water from being wasted. Its stylish and simple design makes it more elegant.

For a contemporary bathroom, brass taps give a sleek look. Brass taps are considered the best material for their corrosion resistance and add a little more personality to the basin.

Shower tray:

The shower tray creates a neat and more streamlined look. It does not allow water to create a mess in the bathroom and keep the bathroom neat and tidy.  If you have younger ones in your home, you are well aware of the trouble of a messy bathroom.

Bathroom fittings

Wall- hung toilets

Wall-hung toilets are trending nowadays. They give a contemporary look to the bathroom. It is a modern-style toilet seat. They are easy to clean and take very minimal space in the bathroom. Ideal for a bathroom with minimal space.

Storage and decoration with wooden shelf:

To decorate your bathroom add shelves. Wooden shelves give a luxurious look and help you to store your daily skincare products nicely. You can add decorative frames and pots to enhance the beauty of a bathroom.

Bathroom cabinets:

A bathroom cabinet helps you to organize your bathroom products and facilitates you to keep everything in one place. Bathroom cabinets with a mirrored front are in trend. Its beauty is enhanced by an LED light feature.

Another key thing to remember is the space of the cabinet in the bathroom. If you install a large cabinet in a small bathroom, it will look messy; if you add a small cabinet in a large bathroom, it will be lost.

Decorating a bathroom with plants is in trend. It gives a spa look and purifies the air. Use different pots and vases to decorate your bathroom with indoor plants.

Bathroom rugs:

Rugs never fail to give a bold impression to a room. Decorate your bathroom with a rug that gives a modern and refreshing look. Play with different patterns and colors if you are placing a rug in a pure white bathroom. To give a simple and elegant look place a rug with light tone color or wood-like patterns. 

Lights make it bright:

Adding light is a minimal change that leaves a massive impact. Replace your ordinary bulbs with creative lampshades. It will bring a modern touch and an elegant look.

Mirror effect :

Adding different shapes of mirrors to the bathroom enhances the look and gives a modern effect. Light-reflecting around the walls adds visual interest.

Tips for small bathroom

When it comes to decorating a small bathroom, most of us think colors and opportunities are limited but, it’s not. Here are some tips that can make your small bathroom look bigger. 

In a small bathroom, if you tile a single wall with bright color it will be the focal point of a bathroom. A small twist and revolutionary impact. If you want to tile a single wall of a bathroom, then tile the shower wall to enhance the look of a bathroom. 

Vertical patterned tile will be more suitable to enhance the look of a wall. Try bold color tile for this purpose, and to complement this color, paint the rest of the walls with light color. Hexagon, diamond shape, and small patterns are the trends of 2021.

Use medium size tiles on the floor. It will make your bathroom bigger. It is important to note that if you want your shower wall to be the focal point of the bathroom, use plain tiles on the floor. 

White adds wow factor

To give a classic look, add white tiles to your bathroom. A pure white bathroom is never out of trend. Its simplicity never fails to attract the eyes. 

Busy family bathroom

The family bathroom needs constant cleanness and tidiness. For this purpose, large format tiles are a perfect choice. They are easy to clean and are slip-resistant. Large-format tiles are the perfect choice for parents.

Paint it loud

Instead of laying new tiles, paint your bathroom. Paint your walls with loud and bright color. Texture paint on walls or paint a single wall with bright color will give your bathroom a sumptuous look.

Sometimes a small change leaves a massive impact on our surroundings; it is not mandatory that a high budget can bring new and extraordinary change. It is important to plan a small change that can give tremendous looks. We hope that our suggestions will help you to renovate your bathroom and give it a new look.

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