HomeLilys.com was established in first Quarter of 2011 and it is a brainchild of Toby John. He is an American blogger who lives in Bali for more than 12 years now. Toby is a vivid landscape photographer and a creative writer. During his free time, he spends his time playing blue rock guitar. His favourite electric guitar brand is Epiphone Ultra III.


Why HomeLilys

Toby created homelilys with the aims of showcasing great home décor ideas for average joe with limited budget. You do not need to be a middle income earner to have a great house design. What is needed is a creative mind and some inspirations in the form of audio and visual products. That is why homelilys offers a wide range of home décor idea that you can implement at your own space and time. Be inspired with our collections of various interior decor pictures and home design articles.

If you are an armature or an experience designer and you have good tips and diy tutorial on home décor, you can also submit to us to achieve the common goal of helping average joe with some inspirations for his next décor project.

While the specialty of our site is about home décor idea, we welcome other concepts from interior design, architecture, furniture and lighting to gardening as long as it’s about home.

We are not retail shop

Please bear in mind that Homelilys.com is not a retail shop, nor do sell anything from this website directly. Instead if you find great design stuff and you would like to acquire the items, usually there is a link to every post pointing back to the original site where you could make the purchase. Furthermore, on certain post you would easily find an Amazon link where you coud obtain the products directly from this great online store.

Stay in touch

Copyright Material

The materials appearing on Homelilys.com web site could include technical, typographical, photographic or URL download errors. If you feel the design files contains copyrighted material, you can send message to us and we will delete it soon. Homelilys.com does not warrant that any of the materials on its web site are accurate, complete, or current. submit-designs may make changes to the materials contained on its web site at any time without notice. Homelilys.com make any commitment to update the materials regularly.


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