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  • Cute Hammock for Pets by Cat Crib

    Cute Hammock for Pets by Cat Crib

    Are you a pet owner? Then take a look at this cute hammock for cat. This is very unique ideas and they are so beautiful. A unique idea for hammocks come from the Crib, this is a great Paint hammock for your pets. things that are unique from the bed this is located under the […] More

  • simply best rug

    9 best designer rugs for your home

    Looking to add a touch of luxury to your interior design? Every stylish home should own one of these designer rugs to add a fashion-forward finish to the interior design. Ted Baker Drawing inspiration from far away places and exotic fabrics, all of the rugs in Ted Baker’s luxurious collection carry the level of attention […] More

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    Six (6) best wall mounted wine rack you can install instantly

    Do you love wine? Then, you will need to read this post as I show you the best five wall mounted wine rack you can install right now. Similar to the wall mounted key holder, where you can immediately impress your guest, these wine racks when properly installed will add another level of beauty to […] More

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    3 Strong Indoor and Outdoor Firewood rack for winter below 100$

    Winter is here once again. There were so many media attention in relation to the winter this year. First, there was a bomb cyclone in New York. Then, in Switzerland, a strong threat of avalanche has cut a tourist destination called Zermatt twice in two weeks. You see, unlike any previous years, long long time […] More

  • brightly lit small bedroom decor idea

    Small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

    It is a luxury nowadays to have a bedroom larger than 12 square meters. I used to visit an open house a few years back and I notice the size of any new condominium is getting smaller and smaller while the price is on the rise. Hence, we need to find way to combat the […] More

  • slipon shoe by peap tarr on sale at bucketfeet
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    Kiwi bucketfeet slip on review

    At many occasion when people think of home décor, they forget about the accessories that are placed around the house – I refer to the shoes! As you know, shoes or slippers are essential elements of our daily needs and they are usually placed right in front or nearer to the front door. Therefore, it […] More

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    Garden & Outdoor Collection 2012

    Update: This garden & outdoor furniture collection was published on 10 October 2012.  Today, I’m going to try to revive it with additional cool and unique design for your summer collection. Hope you will find the updated version useful. The theme this time is the Garden & Outdoor, some people spend most time in the garden. From simple […] More

  • Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian

    Reds Meshkin Tribal Rug Persian

    Middle East produces one of the best quality rugs in the world. Of no exception is this reds Meshkin Tribal rug Persian. This Persian rugs adds additional beauty to any home. Whether it is to be used in a traditional home or a modern home, handmade vintage rugs maintains its quality, softness, smoothness, durability, originality […] More

  • wallmounted cd holders

    7 CD Racks for a living room under 150$

    Are you still holding on to your CD player? If you are like me, I still do have my own collection. For example, my favourite one is Gun n Rose’s Use Your Illusion II. CD still has a space in my heart. I recall when I had my first cd player, it was sometime in […] More

  • heart shaped coffee cups

    Heart shaped coffee mugs that fit together

    Are you a lover? You will enjoy this heart-shaped coffee mug. Well, even if you are a tea lover, this couple coffee mug that is designed in a heart shape will bring both of you closer. You see when one falls in love, s/he always looks for something that complements one another. That is why many […] More

  • bright color for small basement

    Small basement ideas on a budget

    Are you living in a cosy home with a small basement and look to improve the look and feel of the available space with your limited budget? If yes, then this post is for you. I, myself, had gone through that episode in my life before. You see, my basement is around 40 square meters. […] More

  • Large-WALNUT-Wallet-Model-B-Night-Stand-Oak-Wood-Valet-iPhone-Galaxy-Charging

    Valet charging station organizer for cell phones Review

    I am a big fan of a nightstand organizer. You see, I have two watches (one is an Apple smart watch and other is a professional watch), one iPhone, one Samsung Galaxy and one Fitbit Charge2. Oh and yes, I am short-sighted and thus I wear glass. Given the large pool of my gadgets, I […] More