Small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

brightly lit small bedroom decor idea

It is a luxury nowadays to have a bedroom larger than 12 square meters. I used to visit an open house a few years back and I notice the size of any new condominium is getting smaller and smaller while the price is on the rise. Hence, we need to find way to combat the ever decreasing bedroom size. For that reason, today’s topic is on decorating ideas for small bedroom. Let’s start.

Small bedroom needs a focal point

Just like any situation, we need a focal point. Likewise in the bedroom, a focal point is usually the head of the bed. This is usually amplified by the soft and bold pillow arrangement. By arranging small spaces, your eye can also be attracted to the window. Instead of letting these two strong elements compete for attention, place the bed in front of the window so that there is no one element will compete with another.

center piece of a bedroom is the head of the bed with pillow
Consider thin bed or circle bed to make space

Don’t be tempted to buy the biggest solid wood bed to boost your luxury desired. I know that feeling but please don’t especially wen you are competing for a breathable space. Instead consider either a small frame metal bed or a round bed which you can buy cheaply while giving chance to other spaces within the room. You will thank me later when you have all the extra space for you, trust me on this.

small bedroom with round bed design idea
Small bedroom with a circle bed , a perfect combination to make the room feel more spacious on a budget!

Go for fancy color

In term of color choosing, there are two school of thoughts for small bedroom: you can make it dark and comfortable with saturated red fruits color. Or, you can pain them in a super light and youngster kind of color like the white cloud or the yellow sun. Anyway, aim for a big bang and dont be afraid to try something bold.

brightly lit small bedroom decor idea
Consider better storage system

Learn from the Japanese, they are the master of making of use of each and every inches of extra space. We can agree on this by seeing how small the Japanese hotel could be and with all the functional storage area available to be used. It is just amazing.

And as you know when decorating small rooms, every square inch is a potential storage. Of course, you can hide sweater boxes under the bed, but if you increase the frame of the bed in the blocks and add a bulky skirt, you can hide a set of luggage underneath. Ask your local carpenter to create a seating arrangement below your window, if you have one, to serve as an additional tiny bed or seating arrangement while you can keep all your stuff into those boxes. Use a chest as a bedside table to keep the drawer space. When it comes to organizing a small room, make the most of your closet with an organizing system. And look for a space on the wall where you can hang a bookcase.

small bedroom storage space ideas
Be courageous and be different

Use your inner beauty, which does not need to be always expensive. I mean always keep an eyes for ways to make your little room special. Decorate a room with punchy fabrics and expressive patterns. Choose interesting lighting such as a beautiful chandelier or vintage table lamps. 

The other idea is to try an unusual headboard: choose the one that is very tall, well covered or curved. And use illustrations to show your personality. It does not have to be expensive. Remember, this is the most personal space in your home, so decorate a room with what makes you happy.

standalone single bed for a small bedroom on a budget decor idea

Leave the window open with a long curtain drape

Let the natural light takes the center stage by leaving the window open and let the sun shine to the room. You will feel the different even in the tiniest bedroom. The next ideas is to consider installing a full length curtain drape which shall cover from the bedroom’s ceiling all the way until the floor. Don’t trust me? Try asking your partner to hang the drape from the ceiling as a test drive. You will notice a much different, especially when your bedroom ceiling is not very high.

full length curtain drape over small bedroom window and short ceiling

Conclusion Remark

And that concludes my post on decorating a small bedroom to look bigger on budget. Using the tips in this simple to follow concept will give you an edge on any interior design of any bedroom of any size. Did you know small bedroom zen design comes from a simple design technique that avoid clutter? Indeed, this is the secret to make any room bigger: be zen, be organized and avoid clutter at all cost.

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