3 Strong Indoor and Outdoor Firewood rack for winter below 100$

An awesome log rack for outdoor during winter

Winter is here once again. There were so many media attention in relation to the winter this year. First, there was a bomb cyclone in New York. Then, in Switzerland, a strong threat of avalanche has cut a tourist destination called Zermatt twice in two weeks. You see, unlike any previous years, long long time a go, climate change is real folks, whether you like it or not.

So the next question is how can you protect yourself from all these winter hazard? One obvious reason is to get far far away, for instance to Asian Countries . That way you will enjoy the sun all year round, well sort of. Alright, joke aside, I must admit, most houses or apartment right now does not necessary comes with the fireplace and if like me, you have one, it is a luxury and hence it deserves to have a good rack to keep those bulky firewood.

I have a fireplace in the ground floor of my three-story house.Due to the limited space, I am pretty conservative when it comes to furniture placement. Likewise, I prefer not to spend a fortune of getting an expensive firewood rack and as such after researching on amazon, I have found three possible candidates for my fireplace:

Woodhaven 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

It is a self evident that the Woodhaven company is one of the leading company producing a solid log rack for winter firewood.You know why? Simply refer to this amazon’s page and you will see that this company only sell similar products that are linked to the industrial level log rack. That is why, I am recommending their product here.

Among their products, the cheapest one that goes at just USD99 is this 3 foot log rack. This firewood rack is good for my place as it is not too big and visually appealing. The benefit of a small rack is that you can either place it indoor or outdoor. In this particular case this woodhaven rack can be placed nicely outdoor thanks to its cover.

3 foot firewood rack for outdoor with cover
Beautifully placed firewood rack in the outdoor corner of the house. Easy to access rack for winter usage.

Sunnydaze 2-Foot Firewood Log Rack

It costs just over 79.95$, this 2-foot firewood rack is beautifully decorated with black powder-coated finish which makes the rack more durable and ensures that it will easily complement any outdoor space. The material is made from durable steel and guess what, it comes with full one year warranty so you do not have to worry about wasting your money.

outdoor firewood rack for harsh condition

Another benefits of this sunnydaze brand is the quick assembly, guaranteed. Having said that it also mean you may have some difficulty in moving the firewood around as it may fall out of place. Despite this, the 24 inch firewood log rack can hold up to 3 days of firewood without the need to replenish. This is what I am dying for i.e, can help keeping many logs for more than 2 days and is small enough for my small living room.

sundaze 2 foot firewood rack

Outdoor Steel Firewood Log Rack Bracket Kit

This third spot is dedicated to the Sunnydaze’s brand of log rack bracket kit. It is a combination of steel kits and you can make your own rack. It does come with one year warranty as well. Due to its adjustable length, this firewood rack for sale is ideal for outdoor usage.

Get it here on Amazon.

adjustable firewood rack for outdoor usage

Conclusion Remark

One last piece of advice before making purchase of the firewood rack or brackets is its placement. If you intend to place them outdoor, consider a larger piece. However if you intend for indoor usage, just simply buy these cheap firewood log is enough.


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