firewood rack for winter below 100$

Winter is here once again. Although this year is considered as mild winter (It is already January and yet the temperature rather goes lower than 4 degree Celsius), it is still important to prepare yourself with proper heating your apartment or house.

I must admit, most houses or apartment right now does not necessary comes with the fireplace and if like me, you have one, it is a luxury and hence it deserves to have a good rack to keep those bulky firewood.

My house is made up of 3 stories high with the ground floor of around 50 square meters and is equipped with fireplace. Due to the limited space, I am pretty conservative when it comes to placing furniture and other items around the living room. Likewise, I prefer not to spend a fortune of getting an expensive firewood log rack and as such after researching on amazon, I have found two possible candidates for my fireplace:

Woodhaven 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

Brad Witt built up the Woodhaven companies with the principle of Keep It Simple Stupid where he built reasonable priced product with quality. With this principle comes the 3 foot firewood log rack with cover.  This firewood rack is good for my place as it is not too big and visually looked good. I also can place it outside my house from time to time.

It costs just 99$ and yet very durable.

firewood rack for winter for small space 48 inch
firewood rack for winter for small space 48 inch

Sunnydaze 2-Foot Indoor Firewood Log Rack

Its cost just over 46$, this 2 foots firewood is normally used indoor only and hence it is a perfect fit for small place. One of the benefit for this sunnydaze brand is the quick assembly, guaranteed. Having said that it also mean you may have some difficulty in moving the firewood around as it may fall out of place.

Despite this, the 24 inch firewood log rack can hold up to 3 days of firewood without the need to replenish. This is what I am dying for i.e, can help keeping many logs for more than 2 days and is small enough for my small living room.

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