The most expensive homes in 9 Asian Countries

the most expensive private villa in Luang Prabang Laos

It has been depressing weeks for our team here at homelilys as at least several positions have been abolished. The fact is that the financial crisis is not over yet. This is one of the main reasons behind my depressing posts lately. Despite the situation, we need to rise and shine while keeping the positive side. And yes, today’s topic would be focusing on the most expensive houses we can find in Asia. Let’s start with Indonesia since I am residing here.

The most expensive house in Indonesia

According to Luxury Estate, (noted on 25 November 2017) the most expensive home for sale is located in Bali (YES, where I am residing now). The 15-room luxury villa is located in Canggu, Bali and spans over 2,000 square meters. It is equipped with six bedrooms and six bathrooms. The good news for interested buyers is that this villa is sold on a freehold basis i.e. you would expect to own the villa to yourself for life. The building itself is located in a massive land size of 5,000 square meters. Within this villa, you will also find a grand cinema room with a sound proof system. Finally, did you know that thanks to its location, you will have a stunning view of the ocean as well for a rough estimated price of around 15 million US Dollars.

Bali’s most expensive home in Indonesia for 15 million dollars.
expensive bali villa for sale
beautiful patio and swimming pool of the most expensive Villa in Bali, Indonesia
ultra luxurious home in Bali Indonesia
Bali Home Immo is the real estate agency that sells this ultra-luxurious home in Indonesia

super comfortable bed in a luxury Bali home

ultra expensive villa in Bali with view to the sea

The most expensive home in Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam is one of the richest countries in the world. It is a kingdom in Southeast Asia and is known to be crude oil and natural gas exporter. The two elements account for almost 65 percent of their GDP and for an estimated of 95 percent of its export. The Brunei government requires its citizen not to pay the income tax, provides free medical services and free education. Hence, we can confidently say that it is a rich country in Asia.

Well from my research, it was not possible to find any Brunei site that put an expensive house for sale. Therefore, my approach is to look at airbnb for the ridiculously high price rental. I then use this as the basis to extrapolate the expensive home price. Here is the result:

the Lanesborough luxurious apartment in Brunei
the Lanesborough luxurious apartment in Brunei , currently cost around 450USD per night. Very luxurious flat for rent (or buy if you have large sum of money).

private Lanesborough villa in Brunei

The highest price home in Malaysia

According to a popular Malaysian’s forum: Lowyat, the most expensive private home in Malaysia is probably located at the Sierramas area, north of Kuala Lumpur. From their official website, Kumpulan Sierramas (M) Sdn. Bhd is a joint venture between two local companies aiming at bringing the resort-style living to the Malaysian. Since 2001, a Sierramas west was in development following the success of the main Sierramas project. Just enjoy the view of these private home and you would consider them as one of the highest cost private homes in Malaysia for sure.

dining hall in Seri Penaga malaysia luxurious apartment
An exclusive look inside a dining hall of Seri Penaga malaysia luxurious apartment
internal stair in an expensive home of Sierramas West
internal stair in an expensive home of Sierramas West – staircase to heaven, perhaps.
large villa in Seri Penaga Malaysia
A private and large villa in Seri Penaga Malaysia

kitchen in the most expensive home of Malaysia - Sierramas West living room in Sierramas West Sierramas West living room high cost malaysian living

The most expensive home in Singapore

Singapore is undoubtedly considered to be one of the four tigers of Asia. I recalled reading one article written some years ago that almost all Singaporean are millionaire. Yes, of course, this is probably possible because many condominiums and their flats called HDB could cost more than one million Singapore dollars easily. Hence, in my research for the most luxurious and expensive home in Asia, Singapore is on my list.

At 60 million Singapore dollars, this penthouse at Sculptura Ardmore Park is the most expensive ever sold in Singapore in 2017. This penthouse is designed by the SC Global Development. The 60 million dollar penthouse is rumored to be bought by a co-founder of Facebook. Anyways, enjoy these exclusive photos of the interior of the Sculptura Ardmore.

exclusive sculptura ardmore studio photo of its balcony
An exclusive view of sculpture Ardmore studio balcony
sculptura-ardmore roof top swimming pool
Rooftop swimming pool in Sculptura Ardmore, one of the most luxurious condo in Singapore

exclusive sculptura ardmore lounge area the most expensive flat in singapore

The most expensive and yet ancient house in China

Renown to be the most expensive classical house for sale in China, this home is located in mainland china with an asking price of 1 billion Chinese Yuan or around 151$ million dollars. It has 32 bedrooms and 32 bathrooms. It has a great location which is on a private island on China‘s biggest lake: Suzhou Dushu lake.

This large ancient home is nicknamed Taohuayuan which means utopia in English. Built on a 6,725 square meters estate, this Suzhou’s home features a beautiful pond and a grand wine cellar.

ancient expensive home of China overlooking Dushu lake
This One Billion Yuan Luxury Home is newly built despite its look and feel like an ancient home. It has bedrooms that face south, an ideal position of all family.
courtyard of the most expensive mainland china home
courtyard of the most expensive mainland china home – can someone translate the word in front of this ancient-looking Chinese home?

beautiful courtyard of the most expensive china home living room of the most expensive ancient home in china

beautiful shot of the most expensive home in china overlooking lake
Beautiful pod overlooking the Dushu’s lake located this large mansion, the most expensive home for sale in China in 2017

The most expensive home in Laos

Let’s move to this landlocked country in Southeast Asian. The government of Laos has begun decentralization in 1986. Since then, the ownership of private enterprise is encouraged. In the last decades, the economy has grown pretty fast years by years (see Theodora for reference). Hence, we would expect to see some expensive homes for sale in Laos for sure, wouldn’t we?

Unfortunately, similar to Brunei’s residential market, I could not find any reliable realty website which I can trust. Hence, a proxy method of using AirBnB comes to play again. This time, I find this 4 bedrooms villa in Luang Prabang has a price tag of around 1,200$ per night and hence, let’s explore its interior and exterior design photo of this most expensive home in Laos.

the most expensive Laos home bedroom
A bedroom view of an exclusive AirBnB in Laos
the most expensive Laos home bathroom
Traditional Laos villa – bathrooms with natural lighting. Well I wonder who would take bath in here when the window is right in the middle of the bathroom where I believe anyone would be able to see what is going on in the bathroom.

first floor living rooms in an ancient Laos villa


luang prabang private villa for sale super expensive

the most expensive private villa in Luang Prabang Laos
Laos traditional villa in Luang Prabang – probably the most expensive in the country

The most expensive home in Myanmar

Myanmar is a newly opened country. Since taking office since March 2016, the National League for Democracy party led by Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi soughed to improve the investment atmosphere. In the same year, the Myanmar government revised foreign investment law that consolidates investment regulations and eases the investment approval process. Given all recent development, one would expect to see expensive home for sale in Myanmar, well sadly foreigner would need to wait a bit longer for the right to purchase any home if any at all.

From my research on Airbnb, the winner goes to Crest Villa. This Villa is located on the mountain overlooking a waterfall and valley towards Mandalay with beautiful sunsets. It can accommodated up to 8 people in its 4 bedrooms. Well, let’s explore the interior and exterior of this most expensive Villa in Mandalay here.

entrance hallway of crest villa the most expensive home in Myanmar
the entrance hallway of crest villa the most expensive home in Myanmar
A view of a living room of the Dat taw gyaint villa in Myanmar
A large living room giving way to the kitchen area in Myanmar’s most exclusive villa.

crest villa on the Mandalay Mountain of Burma exclusive Crest villa in Mandalay mountain of Myanmar

The most expensive villa in Thailand

You can say that Thailand is the most sought after destination for tourist in the Southeast Asia. It is an open society and there are luxurious apartments and villas for sale. For instance, I found one 8 bedrooms in the luxury estate for sale at just well over 20,000,000 US Dollars. Fancy to own one? well, let’s take a look at this non-obstructed view of its 8 bedrooms here.

cape yamu in Phuket villa for sale

This Cape Yamu villa is fully built since 2011 by renowned architect Jean-Michel Gathy and the famous Phillipe Starck. With over 4 thousand square meters of indoor and outdoor space across 3 acres of beautiful tropical garden, this home is an ideal symbiosis of contemporary and Thai, where light, air, and rich furnishings further define the magnificence of Heaven.

cape yamu Phuket villa exclusive view of the sea

It has 24 meter of infinity pool, 12 people indoor and outdoor dining area for formal or informal seating arrangement. Also, this expensive home boast a private spa room, playroom, gymnasium, and a boathouse. Guess what, the villa also has its own par 3 golf practice space.

hardwood bedframe of an expensive villa in thailand
The hardwood bed frame of an expensive villa in Thailand – well wooden floor really does give an impression of luxury living. The three photo frames on top of the bed provides a serenity feeling to the bedroom.
zen area of a cape yamu villa
Zen and serenity of the 9 step bridge in this cape Yamu in Phuket, Thailand.
infinity pool of an exclusive villa in Phuket thailand
An infitity pool of the most expensive home in Thailand.

thailand most exclusive villa is in Cape Yamu in Phuket

The most expensive houses in the Philippines

The Philippines is an island country in Southeast Asia, specifically located in the western pacific ocean. The country consist of 7,641 islands spreads over three main regions: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. With so many beautiful white beach, of course we would expect to find the most expensive homes here as well. Let’s dive into it…

Once again, I am using the service of the luxury estate to find out which property is the hottest and the most expensive in the Philippines. The result shows me a fully furnished 4 Bedroom House in Silver Hills Subdivision, Talamban, Cebu City. Here are some exclusive photos:

beautiful veranda of a colonial style villa in the philippines

the most expensive villa in Cebu city is made of cement
A fully furnished villa in Cebu city interior décor for sale at over 21$ million dollars.
a view of a philippines bedroom
An exclusive view of a bedroom in the Philippines’s most expensive property
colonial style bedroom of the most expensive villa in the Philippines
colonial style bedroom of the most expensive villa in the Philippines
outdoor space of this colonial style home in central Cebu city
outdoor space of this colonial style home in central Cebu city – This reminds me of Santorini in Greece 🙂
hallway of the most expensive home in Cebu city
hallway of the most expensive home in Cebu city – did you see this big orange ancient vase? Yes, beautiful isn’t it.

exclusive villa in Cebu for sale at over 20 millions dollar courtyard of Talamban villa in central of Cebu most expensive villa

Congratulation, if you reach here, you have successfully visited the top 9 Asian countries’ most expensive property (in my own opinion, anyway). Perhaps like me, you would also appreciate the different beauty and style of these 9 Asian countries, namely: Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and the Philippines. To conclude, until later, have a nice day.

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