Is Your Electricity Bill Too High, Sydney folk?

beautiful solar panel on roof home owner Australia

As you may have seen on several occasion, I have written on Australia interior and exterior design market. For instance, in early April this year, I have written an article on a beautiful garden design in Canberra (click here to view) and a few days back on a tipping taps issue for an Australian resident. And now, this post will be dedicated on how you can possible save money on the electricity bill if you are living in Sydney, Australia.

Well, no one likes to pay above the odds for anything. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a new car, doing your grocery shopping or being charged for electricity. The problem with some bills, especially electricity, is how do you know if you are paying too much when the unit rate is pretty standard?

It might help you to know that the average cost of electricity for a 915 sq ft apartment in Sydney is $110 per month. This assumes that you have electric heating. Of course, it is difficult to make a direct comparison as it will depend on what electrical items you use and the size of your home. Even the age can play a big part; older buildings tend to be less well insulated, increasing the cost of heating your home.

beautiful solar panel on roof home owner Australia
Unexpected roof top solar panel home design (via)

If you are above the average it is probably worth getting an electrical specialist in to assess your electric usage and if any of your appliances are using an excessive amount of electricity. Please note that while it is important to have the number of a good emergency electrician this is not who you should be calling to discuss your electricity bill. Instead, read on and you will learn a few tips and trick on how to reduce your Australian electricity cost.

Three tips to reduce your electricity cost

energy saving scheme australiaFirst thing first: get yourself an electricity monitor and start logging which of your appliances is using the most electricity. You might be surprised and may even consider replacing an appliance once you realize how much it is costing you. Nowadays, it is very easy to purchase light bulb or electrical appliance with the best energy saving rating. This means the most expensive product may not be necessary the most expensive to run. i.e. it is likely that in the long term, this expensive initial cost of ownership may just end up the most cost saving over the five to ten years period. So the next time you go shopping for any appliance in Sydney or online, remember to check this online calculator provided by the government of Australia.

Install solar panel

Did you know that China has achieved its green energy initiative earlier than plan? Yes, that is what I have read in this CNN report.  As such, there is no excuse for you not to consider installing solar panel to your home. You will not only save the money but also help the earth to be a better place to be. Having said, you will need to put in place the capital cost of installation first and could only reap the benefit later. In other words, this option may not be necessary for everyone, especially on those with short sighted view 🙂

Turn off your appliance when not needed

Isn’t it obvious? The simplest and perhaps most effective method of reducing your electricity usage and bill is to start turning things off. If you are not using a room turn the lights off. Do not leave your television, radio or other electrical equipment in standby mode and make sure your electric water heater is only switched on when it needs to be. This simple method can result in huge savings although it will take a little effort to change your current habits.

even cottage has solar panel


It is hard to determine exactly if your electricity bill is too high, there are too many other factors involved. Instead it is better to focus on reducing your current bill through these simple methods. Not only will you educe you bill you will also be doing a little bit to help save the planet; that’s got to make you feel good!

how to save energy through turning off appliance
Photo courtesy of qanvast – a large living room and yet so low electricity bill. Want to know how?


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