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deakin canberra garden back lawn

I used to live in Canberra for over two years period. It is a peaceful capital city unlike Sydney or Melbourne which are more metropolitan. Canberra is known for its beauty and its lake, an yes I did kayak there one or twice over the course of my short stint there. Like many city in Australia, many people here lives in a medium to large house with back yard. And therefore, the Aussie loves to spend time doing the gardening. So this post is dedicated to the garden ideas found in this Capital city of Australia. Enjoy!

Deakin Gardener Garden

As found from Canberra Landscaper professional website, this project was done for a keen gardener. Given the land itself is not even, the project is a challenging one. The landscaper had to put a large wooden plank and a wooden stair in order to go all the way to the back of the house.

deakin canberra garden back lawn Deakin Flower bulb in back yard Deakin flower bulb in the side wall Deakin front yard gardener garden full of beautiful flower

The upper garden contains multiple trees and various foliage and flowering colours for all seasons. There are also vege bed allowing the clients to harvest these vegetable on selected seasons.

black granite stone in front of backwall in Canberra Gardener Garden

Deakin Gardener Garden broad timber steps with a stone Deakin Gardener Garden step living space in front yard of canberra garden

On the way back, there are wooden steps and many beautiful flowers.

Japanese Garden in the heart of Campbell

This project is led by the same Canberra Landscaper. The client was working part time from home and would like to have a space do work, cook and entertain friends and family with a modest budget. Dimension Gardenscape then introduced a new concept that is well received by the client and therefore the result is astonishing.

The designer for this project is Canberra Landscaper and the theme requested by the client is Japanese style garden on the backyard and productive garden to the front.

campbell back yard japanese garden Australia Campbell Japanese garden front yard finished front oasis in this Campbell Canberra House

beautiful front oasis garden in Campbell

japanese garden back yard in campbell house Australia

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