Rezoning Property In Australia

How rezoning your property can help you increase value of your home

how to rezoning an australian property

Life is quite comfortable in Asian Countries. Most businessman live in shop house where they do their daily business. It seems to be much less strict than in Australia or America. In the southeast Asian country, one may convert the house into the shop house if you are located in a busy street. On the other hand, in Australia, property zoning is an important factor where you need to pay close attention.

What is Property Rezoning?

You may never have considered what zone your building is classed as, but if you’re thinking about modifying your home, changing its use or even building a new one you’re going to need to know a little more.The fact is that the population of Australia is likely to double in the next 25 years; that’s a lot more homes that have to be created! This increase in homes will be accomplished by skilled workers from firms like and the rezoning of existing properties.

property value after rezoning

Rezoning Explained

There are 6 basic categories or zones. Every property and piece of land in the country is assigned to one of them:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Mixed
  • Public
  • Agricultural

The zone simply represents how a piece of land or a property can be used.

Your home should be coded as Residential. But, if you want to turn part of it into an office or a miniature factory you’re going to need to apply for permission to change zones from residential to mixed.

Equally if you’ve bought an industrial unit but want to live in it you’ll need to have it rezoned from industrial to residential or mixed; depending on if you are intending to carry out a trade as well.

In many cases the zones will not affect you; you’re already residential and have no reason to change.

australian property rezoning

The complication is…

Unfortunately not all states use the same zoning codes; this can make it much more confusing to understand what you should do if you want to change the use of your property.

The reason this happens is that every state is allowed to create their own framework for zoning!

Each state defines its own codes based on which parts are designated for new residential growth or for commercial or industrial. There are also sub categories to make it more complicated. You can see a comprehensive breakdown here.

Know Your Code

It is a good idea to know which zone you are in and to familiarize yourself with your local government’s planning regulations. This is true even if you have no intention of moving, building or changing the use of a building.

how to rezoning an australian property

The fact is you never know what may happen in the future and understanding the zoning codes could be beneficial in the future.

After all, you never know when an opportunity could arise to make some funds just because you understand the zoning or rezoning laws.

Property Rezoning

This is simply the term applied to any building or land that is changed from one zone to another. This could be at your request or because the government have changed the intended use for future prospects.

Rezoning is always relevant when you are doing more than just living in a property or looking to develop and split a property. It is also relevant as the government plan for the increase in population; more areas will be rezoned into one of the residential categories.

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