4 beautiful ways to Decorate Your Home Façade

tile facade cladding in Australian home

According to LaRousse (French Dictionary), the terms façade is “Face d’un bâtiment sur laquelle s’ouvre l’entrée principale (façade sur rue, sur cour, par opposition à façade sur jardin)” Or in English, it refers to the face of a building on which the building’s main entrance is (frontage on street, on court, as opposed to facade on garden). In that sense, this blog post gives you 4 exceptional tips to decorate your home façade without hurting your bank.

But first….

It can be very easy to get carried away renovating and decorating inside your home. Certainly you can create a unique and wonderful environment which suits your every need. However, people often overlook the importance of decorating their home façade. This will allow you to get excited about coming home and enjoy the great outdoors when the weather is nice. That is why, you will learn the 4 steps to create the perfect façade for you and your family.

Facade Cladding

Take a look at and you’ll be surprised by the range of cladding options possible. This is a rapidly growing industry with something that will appeal to everyone. You don’t need to opt for wood that needs to be painted every year, or traditional white cladding. There are lots of other materials which can be used and color schemes. Simply choose the one that you like the most and get the professionals to install it for you.

One of my favourite material for cladding is the tile facade cladding as compared to the metal facade cladding aluminium. This is because I believe that tile is a stronger material and could resist many different type of element from heavy hail to torrential rain. I would stay away from the wood facade cladding simply because of where I live, it may not last very long with the strong wind and heavy rain during monsoon.

In all case, your home will be transformed nicely with proper facade cladding while gaining the benefit of better insulation which means saving on your energy bills!

tile facade cladding in Australian home
Beautiful australian tile cladding: via:sareenstone

Simple front yard landscaping

If your home already looks pretty good then you can choose to landscape your garden. This will transform the front of your home. Carefully planting will ensure that a visitor is directed towards your front door and their eye is directed to any spot you wish. You can highlight the best bits of your home. You need to make sure there is no clutter but some color when landscaping is a good idea. It will make your house look more like a home not just a commercial building.

The best approach to landscaping is to have several attractive shrubs and planters. This keeps the maintenance to a minimum while creating a natural feel. Well, depending how big or small your front yard is, there are many ways to beautify the front of your home to make it very inviting.

small front yard shrub and planters for australian home

Facade lighting design

Don’t forget that for much of the year you are coming home in the dark. You want to arrive back to a welcoming and positive facade. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use lights connected to a smart device. This means you can turn them on when you are on your way home, rather than at a set time. You’ll want low level lighting illuminating your driveway and round the base of some of your planters and shrubs. You’ll also need to have lights to illuminate your patio and outside entertaining areas. These don’t have to be attached to your smart system but they can be!

but wait… besides the facade lighting, there are many way you can use the light to beautify your home, for example check these mansions’ pool at night. they are very pretty, aren’t they?

beautiful night view of a home facade

How about front door and windows?

The final piece of your puzzle is the doors and windows. Changing or even just cleaning these can make a huge difference to your front yard. The front door is particularly important. There are hundreds of modern designs or retro looks which can fit with the style of your home and set the tone of your home. Want classic look, go for it or even for farm house design, then look for something more white and pale. In short, all you need to do is select the style and color that suits. It should be a simple job to change the door and transform your façade at the same time.

front door and window decor for Australian

Final Remark

Improving your home facade does not need to be complicated. By looking at these 4 aspects you could beautify your front yard on a budget: cladding, landscaping, using light and upgrading windows and front door.



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  1. My wife and I recently got a gigantic bonus and we wanted to spend a hefty sum of it upgrading our house. My wife had heard of cladding as a way to add decoration to the house but I had never known that cladding also provides extra durability from heavy weather along with more insulation. We have done a lot of interior upgrades to our house and so this looks like the perfect exterior upgrade for our plans. I’ll be looking for any contractors in the area who can show us what’s the best type of cladding for our house and get an installation. Thank you for your help!

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