17 Swiss chalet decorating style you need to see to Believe

colorful swiss chalet sofa in a remote mountain resort

Undoubtedly, Switzerland is a quiet and clean country. Many Swiss people I know loves skiing in winter and hiking in other seasons. For that, they need a place to stay. To avoid costly hotel stays, visitors or the local would opt for the mountain chalet for the whole season. Unlike any other houses, swiss chalet is unique thanks to its decorating style, which you would learn to appreciate at the end of this post.

Let’s me tell you wh, mountain house in switzerland is awesome through this post.

What is Swiss Chalet, anyway?

swiss chalet in a remote switzerland village

For those who does not know, Swiss chalet or mountain chalet is a type of housing native to Alpine region of Europe. They are made almost entirely of wood and at time are painted dark black color. Their roofs are usually slopped gently to allow the snow to flow through during winter period. The front of the ancient chalet, one would notice the all year round colourful flower hanging out from the veranda. One would also notice the Swiss’s flag or the swiss’s canton flags in front of their chalet during some months.

Traditionally, the chalet were used entirely by farmers during summer months when they brought their cattle up to the mountain for the better grass. The farmers would then live in the chalet during the summer month to produce butter and cheese. They would then return back to their village in the lower land during winter period.

attic 3 bed chalet decor design ideas

With the increasing in alpine tourism industry, mountain chalet has turn itself into a tourist attraction. We would see many Asian tourists flock to the mountain resorts such as Zermatt or Grindelwald to have a flavour of swiss chalet living style.

Nowadays though, the word chalet is not only being used for mountain wooden house in Europe but also used to refer to weekend houses or resort hotel. For example, in Singapore one would find a weekend chalet for rent.

bedroom decor in a swiss chalet resort
A bedroom decorating style of a swiss chalet resort
colorful swiss chalet sofa in a remote mountain resort
colorful swiss chalet sofa in a remote mountain resort with half length curtain on the back and black/white photo on the wall

Swiss Chalet Interior Design Style

Alpine chalet designed by Studio Peregalli
A small getaway room overlooking the snow capped mountain in an alpine chalet designed by Peregalli Studio.

It is undeniable that Swiss décor are very detailed oriented. This is evidence by their famous watch maker industry which is renown for its ultra precise and ultra luxury watches with super expensive pieces. Likewise, we would expect only the best in the interior décor in any swiss chalet. Below are some elements one can expect to see in any traditional mountain chalet interiors:

  • Wood. Indeed, one would notice immediately the wooden furniture such as tables, chairs, beam structure, armoires, cabinets and cupboards as well as wooden chest for storing clothes and personal belonging . I had in fact witnessed myself during my holiday in Zermatt: all the furniture are made from pine tree.
  • Fireplace. The living room chalet fireplace in the traditional mountain living is meant to keep the habitant warm while be a central place where the whole family can join for an evening gathering.
  • Rag Rugs are usually seen in the living room placed quietly on the floor. One can easily say that the rugs are not necessary found in the chalet but also in the Swiss modern home.
designed by peregalli master bedroom style in a swiss chalet
Majestic looking bedroom in a swiss alpine chalet designed by Peregalli Studio. In front of this open space bedrooms located two bookshelves for decorating purpose in a swiss style
duplex swiss chalet staircase design
A duplex staircase made of wood in a swiss style modern chalet.
large luxury living room in a chalet swiss mountain
A large luxury living room in a swiss mountain chalet. This is probably a rental apartment designed in a modern chalet style. It is not quite often to see a head of gazelle hanging from on top of the fireplace, I must admit.
mountain chalet with a central fireplace
A warm mountain chalet fireplace with a head of a gazelle hanging on top of the stone stove.
stone fireplace in a swiss chalet on top of a remote mountain
A large center stone fireplace in a swiss chalet on top of a remote mountain resort.
polar bear rug and a swiss bed in a mountain chalet interior decor style
Polar bear rug in front of a swiss designed bed
studio peregalli designer living space in a mountain chalet
Beautiful decor of a living room in a swiss chalet – by Peregalli Studio.
open space kitchen design in a swiss chalet style
Modern open space kitchen designed to a swiss modern chalet style
Swiss Chalet balcony
Third floor veranda of a swiss chalet. Photo by Joseph Fuqua II
tiny chalet bedroom decor concept
A tiny chalet bedroom décor concept. I believe this small room is on the attic as can be seen from the small window in front of the bed itself.
wooden style chalet living room for tourists
Perhaps a wooden style chalet for rent, somewhere in Europe. It is meant for tourists and not really a vintage chalet that one expects.
grey and white living room swiss chalet living room decor
Studio Peregalli designed large window in a swiss Chalet

Conclusion Remark

Every country has its unique culture. Likewise, Switzerland has her own unique culture as can be seen in the rural chalet interior decorating style. I hope you had enjoyed looking at these traditional vintage interior design style as much as I have written them.

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