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12 best Cambodia interior design that will awe you

couple island cambodia interior design

The more I stay in Cambodia, the more I fall in love with its design culture especially I refer to the interior design in Cambodia. Located between Thailand and Vietnam, this country has opened up since the arrival of the peace keeping called UNTAC. In 2017, I witness the growth of the real estate development […]

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6 unseen interior photos of Glory Shipping office space in Singapore

Glory Shipping Company Singapore Meeting Room

Atelier M & A is based in Singapore. This design studio is a brain chain of Masaki Harimoto and Ng Ai Hwa. Located at Maude Road in central Singapore, this design house aims at quality design and architecture servicing to client. With so many portfolio done to date, the Atelier M&A is one of the […]

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10 awesome tree shaped bookshelf you should get for your home

tree branch bookshelf on a yellow wall

“Tree is a life” as people say. And books are knowledge. Combining the tree and books together create abundant knowledge in life. For that reason, some houses are equipped with tree shaped bookshelf to impress their guest. Last month, I have posted a 3 diy corner tree bookshelf which many visitors found it useful. Books are […]

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Little Venice Rooms Summer – Great Summer Theme Room by Sera of London

little venice rooms summer by Sera of London living room

Sera of London is an interior portfolio blog by Sera Hersham-Loftus. Sera is a consultant providing interior decoration service. She works with the best painter, gilders, builder and finest craftsman.  She would visit auction houses and flea-markets in Paris and London to unearth the house gems in order to create an exquisite design. Little Venice Rooms […]

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Brookwood Hills 1920’s Home Renovation – Make it Trendy again

designer living room with Deborah Elmquist piece and Hickory Chair

Brooks and Libby Barge bought their Brookwood Hills in 2003. It is a 1920’s home. Since then, they always want to find way to renovate their home. One day, they met their designer Atlanta architect Norman D. Askins who had help with the redesign of their backyard. Since then, their 1920’s brookwood Hills become so functional […]

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