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  • string light decor in shop

    On a budget and want to Decorate a New Retail Space?

    Starting a new retail space? This is such an exciting time in your life, but it can also be very challenging. After all, starting a business takes quite a bit of money, and starting a retail space means you not only have to pay rent, but you also need to decorate the place and ensure […] More

  • contemporary room with plant

    Contemporary interior decor that will unclutter your space

    Do you feel as though the interior of your home is too cluttered? Is your interior design starting to feel as though it’s a bit too ornate and complicated? If so, it may be time to think about choosing contemporary décor style for your home. This type of décor tends to create a feeling of […] More

  • study room for two teenager children

    6 study room design ideas for teenager

    Sooner or later, you will have a teenage children. Just like me, my two children will turn into a teenager in less than 8 years. Having a good study environment would improve their study and their concentration. That is why, today’s post will concentrate on 6 designs concept you can implement for your children. Beautiful […] More

  • Simei HDB redesign for rent

    HDB flat in Simei by Box ID from Singapore

    Who say interior of HDB (or Housing Development Board flat )can’t be beautiful? For those who do not know, HDB is a public housing project for Singaporean. It is a standard looking box like apartment. In Europe, they call them condominium but in Singapore Condominium would have a different meaning. Ok, So the exterior of […] More

  • open space kitchen and living room of a HDB Flat in singapore designed by Artrend

    Tanjong Pagar HDB interior design 2020

    Singapore is a city state with an excellent economy since many years. Thanks to its consistent development in economy, one would notice the ever increasing in interior design school. In fact, when researching online, we would find many Singapore interior designers with online portfolio for us to enjoy. ArTrend Design – Contactor or Interior Designer […] More

  • project hillcrest 177 by Ansana surrounded pool

    Hillcrest 177 interior design concept from Singapore

    Let me introduce you Singapore, a tiny dot in Southeast Asia. Yet, one of the richest country in the world. According to Forbes, singaporeans are the fastest to become millionaires in the world. No doubt, singaporean would love to splurge on having a cozy space to live. As an example, a local interior design company […] More

  • little venice rooms summer by Sera of London living room

    Little Venice Rooms Summer

    Sera of London is an interior portfolio blog by Sera Hersham-Loftus. Sera is a consultant providing interior decoration service. She works with the best painter, gilders, builder and finest craftsman.  She would visit auction houses and flea-markets in Paris and London to unearth the house gems in order to create an exquisite design. Little Venice Rooms […] More

  • designer living room with Deborah Elmquist piece and Hickory Chair

    Brookwood Hills 1920’s Home Renovation – Make it Trendy again

    Brooks and Libby Barge bought their Brookwood Hills in 2003. It is a 1920’s home. Since then, they always want to find way to renovate their home. One day, they met their designer Atlanta architect Norman D. Askins who had help with the redesign of their backyard. Since then, their 1920’s brookwood Hills become so functional […] More

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