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  • antique vase for sale

    5 practical options to value your antiques right now

    If you think you have an antique in your home then you’re going to need to know what they are worth. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking of selling or not, a genuine antique needs to be valued to ensure that you have the right level of insurance. Sometime you may also hear the word […] More

  • 19th century russian table for sale

    19th century lombernyj table from Russia for Sale

    As you probably know, I like to browse through various facebook group. For example, three months a go, I manage to unearth this german doll which was shared in one of my favourite vintage group. Earlier this morning, when I tried to go through various facebook group invite, I chanced upon a lombernyj table for […] More

  • antique Armand Marseille 390 close up
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    Circa 1905 Armand Marseille 390 dolls

    I admits that from time to time I do look for quality antique items. While I do not really purchase them, I do enjoy the look of it. And today while browsing one of my facebook group, I notice Craig Anthony published a post on Armand Marseille 390, which attracts my attention since I do love […] More

  • toscano lantern for sale

    4 Cheap Outdoor Japanese Garden lanterns for sale

    I love the zen garden. The beauty in an harmony atmosphere with an enclosure using Japanese fence , gives me a sense of peacefulness. I do not need to do any Yoga nor meditation to stay calm, instead by staying in these Japanese garden allows me to forget all the problem in my real life. […] More

  • rustic heartshape vintage mail holder for wall

    7 Best Vintage letter holder wall mount for your home

    I’ve never had any letter holders for my house. I used to keep those letters just on my tables or kitchen counter. This was changed when my uncle came to visit me in winter 2016. At that time after his return from a flea market, he has bought for me a vintage key holder with […] More

  • Wrought Iron and wood magazine rack on etsy

    7 beautiful Wooden Magazine Holder You Will Love

    I live in a family where we love wooden furniture. I remember when I was young, my mum would asked my dad to drive her to a carpenter shop to look for wooden wardrobe, or bedframe. At that time, when we buy, we buy an already made product i.e there was no DIY project or […] More

  • White Elephant Wall Hanging Planter 1

    Best Collection 2012 Hanging Planter

    On this occasion homelilys will try to show some of the finest collection of Hanging Planter who was inspired by several shapes, models and functions. some designs are shown like the shape of animals (elephants), diamond, tier or form-Petite…. Enjoy this 1. White Elephant Wall Hanging Planter Source : snugsnuggery 2. Diamond Curve Hanging Planter Source : RawDezign […] More

  • Depression Glass Green Deco Cream and Sugar Sets

    Vintage Depression Glass Green Collection 2012

    An idea came out of a green colour, with the theme of Vintage Depression Green Glass, this time will feature several Vintage Depression Green Glass collection of the year 2012: 1. Depression Glass Green Deco Cream and Sugar Sets Depression Glass Green Deco Cream and Sugar Sets a glass mug collection made by Hocking glass […] More

  • Creative Wooden Clothes Rack with 10 Hanger

    Creative Wooden Clothes Rack with 10 Hanger

    Utilization of the wall as a medium for storage often gives an idea particularly with materials that use wood, such as on Creative Wooden Clothes Hanger Rack with 10 Hanger. Wooden peg bar uses a very flexible because it expands can hang vertically or horizontally. Creative Wooden Clothes Rack with 10 Hanger The shelf design […] More

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    Vintage Atomic Mid-Century Black Metal Magazine Rack

    A hand-made work this Vintage Atomic Mid-Century Black Metal Magazine Rack is a classic piece of home decor that remind us of the atomic age. Its main function is as a magazine rack by using raw material of metal black coated bronze/gold color to make it look interesting. Vintage Atomic Mid-Century Black Metal Magazine Rack The […] More

  • Midoro-Ceiling-Fan

    Type Of Japanese And Asian Style Ceiling Fans

    Japanese is known for meticulous and methodological when it comes to product design. Just like the japanese fence or japanese garden, the products made in Japan is well known for its durability, reliability and antithetically pleasing. As a matter of fact, who can deny that Nissan GTR is a very fast and reliable car, or […] More