19th century lombernyj table from Russia for Sale

19th century russian table for sale

As you probably know, I like to browse through various facebook group. For example, three months a go, I manage to unearth this german doll which was shared in one of my favourite vintage group. Earlier this morning, when I tried to go through various facebook group invite, I chanced upon a lombernyj table for sale by Elena Sedova. I fell in love with it immediately and decide to share my finding here. It would be an ideal fit for any classic home.

This Russian style table is made from solid wood. Below is the completed description of this

Oak lombernyj table. Based on the 19th century Russian antique furniture
P. 15,000-G. Available at Kineshma, Ivanovo region. This is a strong table made in russian style. It has never been restored and hence you get the original sense of this soviet style table. Size: 93 cm by 78 cm by 46 cm. The seller can deliver to Moscow.

antique russian online furniture store

Russian antique furniture for sale

While you could buy the above antique table from the Facebook group here, there are time when you want to find other discounted furniture such as chair or salon to go along with. And that is the reason why, I would recommend to source them through ebay instead – click the link below for more Russian furniture design for sale at a deep discounted price.

Photo of 19th century Russian classic table

Without further a do, please enjoy the detailed photos of this soviet table.

detailed wooden table from Russia
a very detailed and curvy art vintage russian style. You can also check this wooden chest if you like antique style furniture.
inside of Lomberny table
I could not believe that this 19th century russian style desk has an interior drawer! It add another layer of functionality. Look to buy vintage file cabinet? click here.
19th century russian table for sale
A classical russian desk for sale. A view from the front among other furniture.

Russian style 19th century table for sale lombernyj table from Russia view from side lombernyj table from Russia detailed view from front

Final thought

If you are a big fan of antique style furniture, one place to buy the is the thrift store or sky market where you can get a lot of better deal for less.


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