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einstein famous quote for cluttered desk

Singapore is not very far from Indonesia. I went to Singapore from time to time to chill out as I appreciate the clean air and large shopping center. Besides, there is an ikea shop located in the east side of the Country. While I do not really purchase directly from Ikea (instead, I usually buy cheap office chairs in Singapore via many online store), I like visiting it for inspiration. Besides the home decoration, I also like to explore office design and office productivity tips. This is because the general state of our office workspace will also influence the personal productivity at work. Working in a messy and cluttered situation in most of the times creates negative energy. It also disturbs the concentration at work.On the other hand, a good uncluttered workspace enhance your productivity at work. You see, most of the day, you work on a computer. Therefore, your workstation should motivate you to stay productive. An office workspace, which is highly organized provides excellent benefits. For that reason, today I am bringing to you the seven strategies to enhance productivity in the workplace.

einstein famous quote for cluttered desk
“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” famous motivational poster quotes by Albert Einstein

1. Empty Your Office from Clutter

Every important change initiates with an expulsion. Shred, empty, get rid of all the things which are not important for your productivity. You can declutter your workspace also. You also require to acquired some inspiration from various websites, Pinterest, magazines to creates the type of work space which you want to make. At a time, keep your entire focus on one area. Remove the non-essential files and the furniture from the office. Also, classify various items in various categories according to their uses. Purge your office will assist in analyzing the various items clearly, which you require to toss or retain. You need to perform this step if you want to know how to organize a messy office.

organizing an office for a small space
via: Small space Organizing with an office in a closet. This is an inspiration to declutter your office at home.

2. Arrange Labels and Colors

Select a correct color and labeling system for your office. Take some time from your busy schedule to label drawers, bins, folders and shelves. This labeling method assists you in placing items in the correct place. It will also decrease the risk of misplacing various important documents.

3. Efficiently Utilize Containers & Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are very important for everyone (see this tip for better kitchen storage ideas for instance). You can carry almost everything in containers to assist you in stay in a systematic manner. Cardboard boxes and plastic containers are useful for the cost-effective storage. For your office space invest in the durable boxes. By labeling and grouping your office items, you will get a better idea regarding placing them in the correct segments. You can also systematically organize various items. Also remember the stationery boxes, which are used for carrying your office supplies in arranged compartments.

home office storage ideas
one of the how to organize your home office tips is to use storage for folders and files like in this photo of an home office.

4. Properly Divide Your Work Zones

If you divide the work zones in a proper way, then you might find a solution for your issues. Most of the times our work needs various tools and spaces to assist trigger a good output. You need to systematically divide your work zones into a non-computer based work space and the computer work station. In few cases, you might require to stay aside from the work based on the computer.
It also assists you in removing the distractions. It might contains scanning documents, papers signing, writing to put your thoughts together and writing on paper etc. if you have only one desk, then it can also use your work area to receive the best output you want.

5. Rightly Arrange the Accessories in the Desk

The best method to stay productive is by organizing your desk systematically. You can arrange everything such as trays, files, laptop, and stationery. You can also use few of your storage and plastic organizers. For arranging your pens, you don’t require the costly stationery tray. Use small and big storage boxes as per your use. It also enhances your workspace beauty.

before and after decluttering of an office space
This is the before and after of how to organize my office at work

6. Arrange Your Desktop/Laptop

The content on your laptop or desktop computer also have an impact on your life and work output. Arrange and declutter your laptop or desktop computer by removing those software, pictures and folders which you don’t require. Arrange your work into various folders and make use of calendars and the sticky notes. These work efficiency tips will assist you in staying productive at work.

7. Get Inspirational Indications

To motivate yourself at work, use inspirational reminders at work. For example, you can think about placing posters to an inspirational area or wall. It will remind yourself about your dreams and goals. Perhaps consider buying these inspirational quotes posters

from amazon and place in on your office wall would help. Well, as we are working in a team, it is a good ideas to put up the teamwork posters for office as well.

team work - motivational posters amazon
“Tough times dont last Tough Teams Do” this is an example of motivational posters amazon that you can buy online. Click here to buy now.

Final Thought

I’d like to conclude by saying that in addition to the above awesome tips to increase the office productivity, nothing beat the healthy lifestyle. Therefore, exercise regularly, eat balanced and nutritious diet. Perform meditation and think positively. All these things will enhance your productive during the work. During the office time, focus only on your work. Don’t waster your time in office politics. Good luck!


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