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25 Japanese fence design ideas you can implement for your house (photo inside)

wooden fence panel in a small backyard with japanese garden

Who does not love the zen design concept of a Japanese home? For me, harmony is an important aspect to any home. Therefore, I find Japanese fence design concept appealing. For instance, last month, I have written about 77 design idea for small garden based on Japanese garden concept, which has attracted lots of attention. As a matter of fact, this post has attracted some news outlet which picked it up a month later, for example, see pots on fox8live and WMBF.

Built upon the success of the Japanese garden design post, today I am going to share 2519 Japanese fence ideas you can implement for your house immediately.

Japanese Fence Panel

The simplest way to build a Japanese fence for your backyard garden is to buy the already built fence panel. You can actually either buy it rom wallmart of conform from your home through Amazon.

bamboo japanese fence with small round hole
contemporary bamboo style Japanese fence with circle hold to give good qi that will flow seamlessly throughout your resident. This fence also features a black knot that tied the bamboo together.
japanese fence panel in front of a residential house
This is a Japanese house in Nagoya. Featured a Japanese bamboo fence to protect the privacy of the home owner.
japanese fence panel with bamboo knot tied
Japanese fence panel with bamboo knot being tied with a black string. This is a long panel of a Japanese home fence covering the surrounding of the house to protect the intruder.
japanese fence panel with bonsai tree
Beautiful small bamboo fence panel with bonsai tree on shelve. A contemporary Japanese garden with fence on the background.
japanese fence panel
Japanese fence panel with Buddha statue on the foreground. This is a Japanese garden design in an Australian ACT’s backyard.

Japanese wood fence style

Do not be surprised that not all Japanese fence are made from bamboo pole. In fact, you can also make a Japanese style fence from wooden plank too. See example of these Japanese wood style fence below and you will understand what I mean:

japanese fence panel with roof
Japanese wood style fence with roof
dark color japanese wood style fence with roof and gate
contemporary dark color Japanese wood style fence with roof and gate. This wood style fence is amazing for an exclusive estate housing.
japanese fence with wooden gate
Japanese wood style roof with bamboo panel in a harmony home design
small backyard with japanese fence idea for small space
A small backyard with Japanese wood style fence
wood fence for zen home japanese garden design concept
Japanese garden concept with wood style fence
wood fence panel for front yard in a japanese garden
luxury wood style fence for a Japanese design concept idea
wood fence in a small japanese garden for home
This is a wooden fence for a Japanese garden in a small back yard.
wooden fence panel in a small backyard with japanese garden
elegant Japanese wood fence styles

Japanese bamboo fence styles

Yes, these types of fence are widely known. They are built from bamboo that are tied together using the knot tying technique as described in the last section of this post.

bamboo fence for backyard garden for privacy purpose of a residential home
These bamboo fence style is ideal to separate space in your back yard garden. Depending on the height, it can protect your privacy against your naughty neighbour too.
bamboo style japanese fence
Beautiful mixture of wood and bamboo fence style for backyard garden.
beautiful japanese fence design using wood and bamboo
beautiful japanese fence design using wood and bamboo
contemporary japanese fence for residential home
A large japanese garden with contemporary fence in a residential home.
japanese bamboo fence
sharp and pointy Japanese bamboo fence.
japanese fence and gate
A simple japanese fence and gate design concept

Contemporary Japanese Fence Designs

Below photos will be the most modern and contemporary Japanese fence designs I could find online. Enjoy and be inspired of these luxury fence design using the never seen before techniques to construct them from scratch.

ideas for front yard with japanse fence and japanese gate
Measuring around 6 meters wide, this contemporary Japanese fence design protect the house against any intruder while still keep the appearance pleasant to the eyes.
japanese gate with wooden fence
Modern day Japanese gate and fence for a residential house.
rustic japanese fence idea
A unique and rustic Japanese fence idea using wooden pole.
contemporary rustic japanese gate and wall design idea
contemporary rustic Japanese gate and wall design idea for a traditional house
luxury japanese fence style
luxury japanese fence style for an expensive and modern housing estate.
modern japanese wood fence design
Modern Japanese wood fence design.

How to tie Japanese fence knots?

Now that you have enjoyed these 25 Japanese fence design ideas, you would by now understand the importance of bamboo in the fence design. In case you do not want to hire a professional to make you these Asian fence, you will need to learn how to tie these fence yourself using these knots tying techniques found in the video below:

Conclusion Remark

Japanese design concepts focus on harmony or zen. The concept gives lot of feng shui benefit. That is why this type of design concept has been adopted by many western landscaper and gardener. Likewise, Japanese fences are indispensable element of Japanese décor, especially in the Japanese garden design.

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How to tie japanese fence knots

To tie fence knots the japanese way, please follow the video given in this post, click to play the video.

How to build japanese fence

If you are a handyman, then building japanese fence may requires some elementary tool. However, if you are newbie, the best alternative to building a fence is to buy an existing fence panel which you can assemble together.

What is traditional japanese fence made of

Traditional japanese fence are made of bamaboo or wooden plank


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  1. Thank you for giving excellent examples of contemporary Japanese fences that can be used for big estate houses. We recently committed most of our life savings to a house property that we’ve had our eyes on for a while, and I want to follow it up with a great fence that we can use to secure it and give it some privacy. Since I’ve always been a fan of Asian themes, I’ll look for any ornamental fence contractors that can get me something like this.

  2. Great article on Japanese Fencing options. I actually just started a fencing company in Hackney – Greater London, UK. We are looking for new categories and catalogs to offer our clients. We were looking for Asian fencing options to bring new ideas to the UK and open more options to enlarge our market. Wish you all the best. Carlo

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