9 beautiful winter garden house extension you dream of

an excellent house extension you can esacpe to during winter

winter garden house extension at night

It’s been a long while since I last wrote in Now, it is time of Halloween and the kids are so excited for the trick or treat night. My son is a vampire, after he had watched the Hotel Transyvania 3. He even told me that he wants to go to Romania so that he can visit the vampire. For my daughter, she is already 12 years old and hence she isn’t that excite for the Halloween. Except, she had to celebrate for her school. Having said that, she is forbidden to wear mask as there are smaller children who could cry all days!. Oh well, enough of my life story, let’s turn to this post which is dedicated to beautiful winter garden that you can plan for 2018 winter.

What is Winter Garden?

Winter gardens are gardens that are designed to stay beautiful event during harsh weather condition. The history of winter garden dated back to the 17th century where the Europrean nobility would built large dome to grow the tropical and subtropical plants. These domes are usually an extension of the nobility’s living space. Thus, adding additional space to their house. We can witness such house extension in many European city such as France, Switzerland, the UK etc.

The modern winter garden is what we all dream of. In other words, to have an outside, a small balcony, a terrace, a garden – all in one! Perfect for any winter day to sip coffee with your family.

9 most beautiful winter garden of 2018

Without further ado, let’s explore these 9 beautiful winter garden of 2018, shall we.

beautiful and neat winter garden 2018
via pinterest. This beautiful winter garden seems to link to Blueberry House in France. It is decorated with two seater white sofa, a beige singler seater and a bamboo chair. It is an extension to the existing house with an access from the backdoor.

If you have a veranda on your penthouse, a simple glass winter and roof would be sufficient to make a perfect winter garden house. Just take a look at these photos below of a house in Florida where the owner had add window glass to make his veranda an excellent place to escape to during winter.

veranda winter garden

backyard winter garden with view
wow, a chandelier light hanging to the glass roof in a backyard winter garden house extension. This one has an excellent view… do you wish to live in this house?
winter garden for work from home entrepreneur
If you are a working from home entrepreneur, just like me, you will love this winter garden. A simple and yet beautiful winter garden at your backyard. Decor with a single desk in the center and a standing light at the back. You can add two plants so that it does not look dull. You can work peacefully during winter night in this awesome house extension.
simple winter garden on a front yard patio
A front yard with wooden patio. You can make it as winter garden dome by adding glass window and roof pane. During summer, you can remove these glass panes easily to make it a truly front yard patio.
winter garden house extension at night
A small house extension during winter night. Using warm color lighting helps to make the house so warm during winter.
winter garden housing swimming pool
This is a unique winter swimming pool, as I call it. It is not really a winter garden but instead you can swim during winter in this house extension.

crowded space winter garden expensive winter garden

Thank you for taking a look at these 9 exceptional winter garden houses during 2018. Life could be harsh during winter but with simple and not expensive extension to your house, you can make winter a livable season.

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