11 beautiful winter garden room for Chicago folks

winter garden room

Last week while sipping my morning coffee, i wrote an article on tiny home, check it here. Right now in the middle of cold night ( it is minus 2 degree right now) and i’m thinking of showing you 9 awesome winter garden room design for those living in Chicago, Illinois. Let’s see what do you think of theses cool awesome room extension of Chicago’s home:

beautiful winter garden room in Chicago, also known as Glass room.
Clean glass room extension for Chicago folk. Need special design? look no further.
Classic winter garden room 2019

What is winter garden room?

Winter garden room is also known as glass room. It is usually an extension of an existing room. It features two elements: space and light. For that reason, we see many winter gardens created by glasses. Glasses also help to conserve energy and warmness of the room.

Nice and tiny winter garden with glass roof. Anyone?
A bar room based on conservatory concept of winter garden room.

One main reason why i love these glass room extension so much is its beautiful design, spacious with a lot of light (especially during gloomy winter day). I can just sit back, looking into my fire place while reading my favourite books. What about you? Have you ever got any experience visiting someone’s house and be amazed by their winter garden? Check these more photos below:

Winter time is here and we need this winter garden room, It is way too cold for Chicago folk
chicago winter garden room extension

Well, it is good for today, until later! Happy new year and we are going toward 2020 with a big Smile 😀

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