5 simple beach shacks for homestay in Cambodia

A month back, I have written on 4 Khmer Traditional House. Today I want to share five simple and raw beach shacks in Cambodia that you can homestay. Usually these homestay shacks are quite basic and yet functional with full running water and toilet. In the interior, you will see basic décor in Cambodian style, sometime the shacks owner decides to upgrade their shacks and turn them into nice boutique hotels.

traditional khmer shack in a sihanoukville cambodia

These two traditional shacks are cutely built for homestay tourist / Located at SihanoukVille Cambodia . via http://www.wozzally.com

sihanoukville beach shack in cambodia design

The Cambodian décor in these beach shacks are usually comprised of small apsara statues or lion of bakheng or similar landscaping drawing. The decor complements well this raw and simple structure.

beach shack for homestay in sihanoukville cambodia

beach shack for homestay in sihanoukville Cambodia. Via

In fact according to some reports, many of the shacks in Cambodia have turned into a homestay opportunity for many eco tourists. You see, not all tourists are a like. Some likes the usual expensive 5 stars hotels, while other enjoy the simple village life. That is why the homestay market in Cambodia have flourished in recent years.

homestay in cambodian top beaches resort

Top beach resort in Cambodia Homestay in a village shack Via

stilt shack on a koh rong beach cambodia

Via . A stilt shack on koh rong Cambodia.

Conclusion Remark

Cambodia is a beautiful country. It has the most beautiful beaches and in recent years, more islands are opened up for business. As such, go to Cambodia and live in one of these homestay shacks!

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