5 simple beach shacks for homestay in Cambodia

stilt shack on a koh rong beach cambodia

Cambodia is a lovely country. I love its beautiful coastline which according to Wikipedia, is a 443 km long. Bear in mind that this long coast line does not include those white sand beaches on several islands that were only open to tourism industry recently. In fact, I have chosen Cambodia as my summer holiday destination for 2017. More specifically, I am sitting in Pippali boutique lounge as I type this post. Well, this post is exceptional as I usually would do the review on different country’s interior designer and this time I just do not really know who is the architect of this hotel but I just fall in love with it at first sight.

sihanoukville beach shack in cambodia design traditional khmer shack in a sihanoukville cambodia beach shack for homestay in sihanoukville cambodia homestay in cambodian top beaches


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