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  • Tiny Home Ideas 101

    101 Tiny Home Ideas

    Tiny homes can be modern, chic, aesthetic, mind-blowing, and full of luxuries all at the same time. Want to know why?  More

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    5 simple beach shacks for homestay in Cambodia

    Last update as of 31 January 2021: It’s been 2 years since I wrote this article. Now, moving toward 2021, Sihanouk Ville has been developping in a dragon speed. With more than 1400 constructions are ongoing as of today, Sihanoukville is one of the top city in Cambodia with highest newly built building. Most of […] More

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    Beach House Decorated with Washed Wood in Modern Scandinavian Style

    Washed wooden decorations provide shelter island beach house a modern and elegant atmosphere for Scandinavian-style decor. This is a great example how cool decorating with washed wood in modern Scandinavian beach house. Performed in the cedar-influenced buildings around 1980, where many wood furniture such as wooden walls, wooden floors, wooden furniture and so on. Relax¬†with […] More