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  • intex 6 person bubble jet purespa

    Intex 6 person inflatable hot tub reviews

    For those who like to enjoy occasional trips to a luxury spa but cannot afford the price, a portable hot tub might prove to be the best solution. These tubs have recently been introduced to the market but have received great reviews from the customers. If you’re looking to get the luxury of a hot […] More

  • backyard garden cantilever umbrella decor

    Large Cantilever Patio Umbrellas

    Last year summer, I had announced the best 9 foot patio umbrella under 100$. This year, while the weather is getting warmer in late May, I am getting myself ready earlier than usual for summer. This includes bringing my bbq pit, the hammock and do the lawn. And as my backyard lacks trees and shade, […] More

  • Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower

    Oborain Solo and Piccolo Outdoor Shower

    The Oborain prefab shower for outdoor used As of Feb 2018, when I check their website oborain, it is unfortunately down. This means the company is no longer in business, sadly. Nevertheless, this post is still here as a good reminder of how company can create such a creative prefab for outdoor shower. Since the […] More

  • Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs

    Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs

    Indoor hot tubs are good, but outdoor hot tubs are amazing. Mostly, outdoor bathtubs are made from Japanese cypress, marble or granite, while indoor tubs may be made with tile, acrylic glass or stainless steel. Outdoor cedar wood hot tubs have several advantages. The extra depth, length and width allow any size body to soak […] More

  • beer bottle with opener made from acacia tree

    8 Best Wood Beer Caddy You can Buy under 100$

    Summer is the best time of the year for me. I have a longer holiday and I usually would go to the wood with my gear and at time spending time outdoor with my mate. One essential tool I do not forget is my wood beer caddy (for example check this cold creek brewing). The […] More

  • the cheapest patio umbrella with LED solar light

    5 Best Patio umbrella with solar lights

    Who cares about patio umbrella with light? I know I don’t, well initially at least. Apparently, however, there are quite a few people who like the idea of umbrella with solar light as can be shown in a number of companies who produce these outdoor umbrella. There are indeed a market for an all weather […] More

  • Rustic Picnic Wood Igloo by Cold Creek Brewing

    Rustic Picnic Wood Igloo by Cold Creek Brewing

    During summer months, many people would go on for a picnic. Myself , for example, I like to have a simple picnic in my backyard with a fully opened patio umbrella which give me sufficient shade despite the summer heat. The other important item in my summer’s list is a beer cooler. It is important […] More

  • Abba lime green Patio 9 Feet Patio Umbrella with Auto Tilt

    9 best 9 foot patio umbrella for sale under 100$

    Summer 2017 is almost here. While it does not matter here in Indonesia (since we have plenty of sun), people in the states are eagerly awaiting the sunny days. This means, it is time to bring out your patio umbrella to give some shades for your outdoor experience. Summer is a time for barbecue or […] More

  • stone patio dining table for 6 people

    9 rectangular patio dining table you will love

    In this post, I will introduce four rectangular patio dining table that is not just impressive but also easy to find. Large rectangular dining table for a big group If you have a large garden, then get one of this massive patio table for an outdoor experience. During any season, this table will last as […] More

  • in

    The Polizi Outdoor Sofa Set by Tosh Furniture

    Manufactured by Tosh Furniture for the Terra Collection, The Polizi Outdoor Sofa Set offers you the solutions for your modern living room along with upholstered seat and some a variety of coffee tables. With stylish designs that offer quality materials for your modern home and provide comfort to you, when you’re lounging in beautiful weather. […] More