Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs

Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs
Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs
beautiful wooden japanese cedar hot tubs

Indoor hot tubs are good, but outdoor hot tubs are amazing. Mostly, outdoor bathtubs are made from Japanese cypress, marble or granite, while indoor tubs may be made with tile, acrylic glass or stainless steel.

Outdoor cedar wood hot tubs have several advantages. The extra depth, length and width allow any size body to soak in a completely natural relaxed position.

There is plenty space for two people having a romantic pleasure with outdoor views under the wide sky. Besides, hot tubs that made from cedar wood provide a natural insulating value that cannot be found in regular plastic, marble or any others bathtubs.

Japanese Style Outdoor Cedar Hot Tubs
A rectangular wood fired hot tub for two person. I wonder where can I buy these cedar tub?

Cedar is not only features an amazing look but also a very aromatic scent. If have a free space in your backyard you won’t regret buying such hot tub.

History of Cedar Barrel Hot Tub

The japanese people have used the hot tub culture since years a go. These “ofuros” ,historically, the japanese would take a shower before entering into these Barrel hot tub. It is a place to relax in a luke warm water. These wood fired hot tubs is still quite new to the USA and hence not many people know about these types of hot tub yet.

Is Cedar Hot Tub Kit ideal for you?:  People asked me for a kit that you can do it yourself on these outdoor hot tubs. My answer to them is it really depend. If you are a handy person and like to do thing yourself, consider the kits that are available in majority of hardware store near you. Otherwise, consider buying directly from the reseller. For example in UK, there is a reseller called Royal Tub -> see the next two pages for their link.

Still interested in the kits? Then consider buying one of the kits available on the net. For a smaller tub, you may want to do it all by yourself. However, for a larger one, it is important that you gather a friend or two to help you out. After all, these wooden hot tub kits are quite heavy. Having said that, you will not get lost, so don’t worry since the kits would come with detailed instruction. Please set a minimum of 8 hours a side when you plan to DIY for building these wood burning hot tub.

backyard with outdoor cedar japanese wooden hot tub
this is my japanese wooden hot tub in my backyard
Cedar Hot Tubs in raw format
This is a raw outdoor hot hubs. Without any water yet. surrounding by wooden log.

royal hot tub the japenese styles
You can find wood fired hot tub for sale here on royal Tub Uk. The current price for these cedar hot tub is around 1,399 pound or around 1700 USD.

wooden fire cedar hot tub