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14 creative studio apartment decorating ideas on a budget

tiny ikea bedroom decor idea

As an average joe, no one wants to spend a fortune on decorating a studio apartment. Instead, we want to decorate our small space with limited budget that we have. The good news is that, designing is not all about flashy items or luxury material. Instead, it depends pretty much on good sense of harmony […]

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Indoor Plant Decoration for Small Space

SpaceĀ is a valuable asset in any house. Personally, I prefer to have bigger space than many clutter or items in my house. Having said that, plant is a great decoration tool in any house. For that reason, choosing the right plant for your small space is important to improve both energy circulation and harmony aspect […]

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Finding Cheap Vintage Christmas Decorations

If you are one of those people who like the vintage style of decoration, then you would also like to add a touch of nostalgia through the vintage Christmas decorations when the Christmas time will be here. Adding this decorative style for your home in the period of Christmas holiday, you can be sure to […]

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Choosing the Lighted Christmas Decorations

Lighted Christmas decorations are seen as the most popular means to decorate the house, both on the outside and on the inside, for these winter holy days. With winter coming, the daylight is lesser with every day that goes deeper into the cold season, and in this way, the lighted Christmas decorations can be very […]

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