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    winter motorhome usage in Alaska and New Zealand

    I cannot believe it! It is almost 2018, it was just last week that I published a DIY project for Christmas tree ornament. And now, it is 30 December 2017 i.e. just two more days and it is new year. Oh well, out of the blue, I feel like owning a Recreational Vehicle (RV) this […] More

  • wooden and metal table inside Phnom Penh warehouse foodfair

    The Warehouse foodfair Decor

    When I visited Cambodia earlier this year, I had a chance to have a dinner at one of a newly open restaurant: The warehouse foodfair. It is brightly lid at night in one of the remote suburb of Phnom Penh city. I would consider this restaurant one of the exception in the neighbourhood in term […] More

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    Picnic Resort Cambodia Review

    I am taking a taxi from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh via Cambodian national road number 4. Unlike the national road number 3 which I took when I visited kampot earlier, this road is way smoother. According to the local, in recent months the government has decided to lift the toll fee from the private investor […] More

  • Rose de la Broye Public Bench overlooking the country side
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    Rose de la Broye Public Bench in Switzerland

    As you know, I had visited Switzerland in early 2017. I had hired a car for that purpose, while it is an expensive country, I find the scenery is so beautiful and their architecture is just awesome with some modernized design and some ancient design. Likewise, what attracts me as a tourist in a hire car […] More