winter motorhome usage in Alaska and New Zealand

I cannot believe it! It is almost 2018, it was just last week that I published a DIY project for Christmas tree ornament. And now, it is 30 December 2017 i.e. just two more days and it is new year. Oh well, out of the blue, I feel like owning a Recreational Vehicle (RV) this winter. That is why, today I am going to share with you two RV that are used in two different part of the world: New Zealand and Alaska. Enjoy…

So what is Motorhome anyway?

Motorhome is a type of a RV that has space for sleeping and eating. You may at time hear people call it: caravan or campervan. So don’t be surprise. Depending n the type and model of the motorhome, it can be equipped with sleeping beds (fixed or mobile) – called berth, kitchenette, toilet, cubical for shower. Besides the driver and passenger’s  seats often swivel to become part of the living space.old barn caravan very old campervan

This is one old campervan I found on barn finds

Beautiful campervan in winter

Well as promised, this post is all about winter motorhome. As such, the above is just an illustration of an old campervan which was a vintage caravan and yet very functional.

motor home in New Zealand

caravan in winter in South Island of New Zealand
A very scenic view of a caravan in winter in south island of new Zealand. In fact using the motorhome in winter in New Zealand is very beneficial for the following reasons: low season i.e. less traffic on the road and yes it is very cheap too. The other benefit is that you will avoid the annoying sandflies. And of course, using the motorhome meaning All the amenities are with you. Shower, toilet, washroom and gas stove are all within reach, no need to search for a closest cafe to get lunch. (see this link for detail)

motorhome in Alaska

Alaska can be very cold, according to wikipedia, winter temperature in Alaska can go below 50 degree Fahrenheit. Therefore, frankly DO NOT attempt to live in a campervan in winter!  Having said that, this couple manage to live their life in Alaska in a mobile micro home and live to tell the tells. Read their whole story here.interior photo of a functional winter campervan in alaska region

As you can see from this interior photo of a winter motorhome, there is a big fireplace. According to the recommendation from Timmy, the best fire starter for winter is to use match as the usual lighter would not work very well in this condition.

1989 Toyota Odyssey motorhome in alaska region
This is a 1989 Toyota Odyssey motorhome. It is well equipped with space to sleep and to entertain. This campervan is ready for the Alaskan winter.

How to stay warm in winter motorhome

I am not an expert in the caravan during winter and therefore I cannot say much on how you can protect yourself from the cold element. However, from my common sense. The best way to stay warm in the micro home on wheels is to block any wind from entering your living space. Likewise, it is important to have mobile heater or fireplace to keep the entire living space in the van warm. Well, to avoid giving you false information on how to survive the cold winter in camper van, I’d rather share with you the following resources I have researched:

Last but not least, check this youtube video where it shows how you can survive the winter in the caravan.


That is it for now, folks. I had shared two caravan in winter. One caravan is used in South Island of New Zealand and the other is used in Alaska. Both of them survive the harsh winter. Hope this inspires you to consider buying one of the campervan as well. Having said that, I would only recommend to use the motorhome during mild winter rather than harsh winter: for your own safety!


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