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Circa 1905 Armand Marseille 390 dolls

antique Armand Marseille 390 close up

I admits that from time to time I do look for quality antique items. While I do not really purchase them, I do enjoy the look of it. And today while browsing one of my facebook group, I notice Craig Anthony published a post on Armand Marseille 390, which attracts my attention since I do love miniature products.

Background info for Armand Marseille Dolls

According to the Spruce, these antique dolls were produced by a german company, despite part of its name (Marseille) seems to be French. The company produced these dolls roughly from 1885 until approximately 1930.

The company was established by Arman Marseille in 1865 as a toy making company. What is specially about this doll making company is that it was specialized in making the doll head (material:  bisque porcelain).

Armand Marseille dolls price guide

Due to the effect of eBay, price of Arman Marseille dolls have dropped in recent years. It ranges between 100 to 500$. Unless you have a unique and rare dolls, you wouldnt expect to sell it for such an expensive rate. A rough search on eBay reveals that price can go up to 1000USD for a larger version of the dolls.

Armand Marseille 390 with stunning dress Photos



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