14 beautiful and cheap round bed for luxury home

Why round beds are so popular and Are they suitable for tiny home?

beautiful and neat round bed with mattress

Since kindergarten, people are dealing with shapes, for this world offers different shapes. Some chocolates are round, but some are rectangular. Some sandwiches are triangle, but sometimes in square cuts. Other than food like cakes, cookies, and candies, there are also several things in this life that happen to be in a variety of shapes every designer would make. Your household can offer different shapes of mirrors, clocks, rags, or even the shape of the soap you are about to use. It simply in one’s life forever. However, you may not think of it at all, but there is a particular thing you use every day that could also be reshaped – a bed.

Beds can make you feel comfortable after a long day at work. Feeling its soothing sheets and huggable pillows could certainly make you relaxed and cozy. This is the main goal of designers who used to create several designs of beds. On the other hand, besides its coziness and comfort, its shape is also a matter.

Beds in Shapes

Usually, a room, whether in a hotel or an apartment, has a rectangular-shaped bed. It may come with different sizes, like single, regular, queen, or king-size round bed. Some use double decks, water beds, or bunk beds. As for elegance, canopy beds are also used, but those who have smaller and limited spaces, a divan could work. These come with rectangular-shaped beds, either placed at the corner or in the middle of the bedroom. Any of these may suit you but hearing a round bed could be so much intriguing. Why?

Most homeowners are not into round beds for the obvious reason: space constraint. One of the major complaints many homeowners stated in a survey is that circle bed takes much space for their limited living space. Therefore, many decide to opt for the usual rectangular shape bed. Only a few of them like an idea of a round bed.

Circle bed with a king size rectangular mattress sitting nicely on a wooden floor
Circle bed with a king-size rectangular mattress sitting nicely on a wooden floor

beautiful and neat round bed with mattress
This is a large king-size round bed placed nicely in the middle of a large bedroom.

Round Beds and its Trendsetter

Round beds are beds without any corners. It is simply has a circular or curved like shaped. It has a 360-degree view from which you can sit anywhere. There is no need to identify which side of the bed you are about to take. Honestly, it is a great deal to identifying the most comfortable side.

This round bed was believed to be first seen in an American movie series produced by Mike Myers, entitled “Austin Powers”. There was a part from which a revolving round bed appeared. Moreover, several movies in Hollywood also feature Lazy Susan sleeper, a typical circular bed that gains a lot of interest from audiences. Its elegance and unique style appealed to different stylish individuals (Keeps, 2007).

Austin Powers Revolving Round Bed
Revolving Round Bed in Austin Powers American movie

After those exposures, circular beds have gone into furniture stores, some are in Italy, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Some IKEAs also produced 360-degree beds that come with a nice header board. Other designers like to combine this round beds with custom-fitted linens, and various shaped pillows, and blankets. Also, to take advantage of its shape, a revolving type also gives an impact on the buyers.  

Bandwagon effect could happen, but why not stay boring and old in styling your rooms?

Round Beds’ essence and appeal

There may be few adjustments to make in dealing with round beds, but it is undeniably the same with rectangular size beds if it is about the comfort and calming feeling it gives. However, its interesting aesthetic and artistic atmosphere can make you feel better. Its appearance will never let you down, as you witness how it perfectly fits the center of the room with the pieces of accessories that balancing the style you prefer. This bed’s roundness takes you to another level of interiors designs, and could even blend to various furniture inside your room.

If you consider the size of the room, there are also round beds that have a 7-feet diameter, or even small ones that could fit in your tiny stylish condominium. It saves a lot of floor spaces for edges are not an issue anymore. Its position and location inside the room will never be a problem due to its flexibility to be placed anywhere.

Useful for Family: When toddlers are walking around the room, circular beds are also preventive measures of having no bumps through the side edges of a rectangular bed. Moreover, cleaning it would be so much easier for you can simply roll the mop under. Besides those, having appealing and well-printed sheets and blankets are already a plus, for the shape itself carry all its attractiveness.

Where can I place round beds?

This bed could be placed in different parts of your house. It could be present in your living room while you let your children play some toys or read some comic books. This round bed could also be placed in a guest room to make let the guests have an unforgettable and unique experience. Of course, it is a must to put it in your bedroom surrounded by amusing side tables, cabinets, or chairs.

The bed you prefer may be made of wood, metal, or any material. It could be in any color you want to. Its size also depends on what space you own.

must see round bed

Why 2 out of 3 people hates round bed?

In my view, people are not interested in round bed yet because they are not used to it. Tell me, when was the last time you visit someone’s house and see them sleep on a round bed? My answer to this question is: never! In fact, the only circle bed I have seen was in Ikea showroom. I remember when I visit Ikea Aubonne in Switzerland in February 2017, I saw one large (I believe it was a king-size) round bed for the first time.

For most, round bed is usually tied to Hollywood stars and luxury hotels. On the other hand, this is not true! As a matter of fact, many round beds are sold for less than 2000 USD on Amazon, which in my opinion is very affordable. Having said that, if you decide to buy the circle bed, I suggest considering a king size instead of a queen. Furthermore, identify if it is possible to find a suitable mattress and bedding that goes with it as well. That way you will be sure to have full satisfaction on your purchase.

circle bed with round mattress black and white tone elegant round bed in a luxury home

never seen before round leather bed without mattress
A rare photo of a leather circle bed frame without mattress.

red circle bed in a New York penthouse
exclusive penthouse in New York City with red bedding on a circle leather bed frame
unreal kingsize leather round table
This photo almost looks unreal with the leather circle bed frame.

blue color round bed modern warm tone round mattress and circle bed

Circle bed for small space

To the contrary to most belief, circle beds are not just for a spacious bedroom. A small room can also be equipped with a circle bed as well. See example photos below

round bed in a stylish hotel with mirror on the ceiling
Tiny apartment room with a circle bed frame and a mirror on the ceiling.
chic round bedframe with mattress for a single man
A single room with round comfy bed with mattress for a single man living alone. Very small bedroom with a circle bed.

Round Beds Amazon for you to Buy

Please feel free to check these 3 extra circle beds that you can buy online via Amazon.

Vig Furniture Owen Black Leather Round Bed with Storage
  • Special Order Only - Please see ship times for Special Order under Shipping Information below
  • Any variation of the product as shown is considered a custom order
  • Color: Black
  • Leather
  • Attached Nightstands and Storage
Matisse Panda Round Platform Bed 87 Inch Diameter (Red)
  • The Panda round platform bed shows a real willingness to be different and puts some fun in the bedroom.
  • This bed requires a 87" round mattress which is supported by full platform base.
  • All wooden frame and upholstered in Red color leatherette.
  • Bed Frame measures: 98.5L X 96W X 30H.
  • We offer our high Quality, 87 inch round Pandora Mattress for this bed , it is sold separately.

Round beds for sale ikea

Now that we are in 2020, I realize that many people do check with IKEA for these beautiful circle beds. They did ask me if indeed Ikea does have this type of circular bed with a mattress? My answer is that I used to see it in the showroom back to February 2017. However, now that I went to check on ikea’s website, I could not trace back these round mattress, let alone the round bed. For that reason, it is likely that these luxury round mattress and bed needs to be custom made, or have to purchase directly online via Amazon. Sorry folks, just a little update in 2020 from me.

View Price and Buy cheap round beds from Amazon today!
Buy the tree shape Bookshelves from Amazon

Where can i buy a round bed?

Round bed is a special type of bed without an edge. There are not that many sellers out there due to difficulty in getting around the mattress to fit it. Thus, a round bed is usually custom made. Having said that, it doesn't mean you can't buy round beds, it is just harder. Here, my suggestion is to check out Amazon.

Why round bed?

Simple: aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. With round bed, it is ideal for a newlywed couple as the bed has no corner and you could simply sleep at any direction. You can see round beds in a luxury hotel or honeymoon suite, for instance.

Where to find circle bed?

We can usually find circle bed in a luxury hotel or boutique honeymoon resort. Circle beds are not very common at anyone’s home. If you are looking to buy a circle bed, consider getting online or have one custom made instead.

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  1. Wow – all of those beds look absolutely amazing… I’d never thought about it before but I really want a round bed now I’ve seen those!

  2. I haven’t been or seen a room with circle bed but I want to have one myself. I saw a movie with cicle bed and it looks posh! Those circle beds idea you showed are bomb! ??

  3. I love the look of a circle bed but I would be afraid that between the dog, husband and kids, I would be pushed off the bed. Maybe one day when the kids have their own kids.

  4. These are all amazing! I’ve never thought about a round bed but they definitely look luxurious and these are a steal of a price!

  5. I never thought of buying a round bed because I thought they were too expensive so that problem is gone and the next issue would be getting sheets. I have no idea where to buy a mattress cover for a round bed, Do you know where to get them cheap?

    • I have a round King sized bed and I use regular sheets! Think about the shape of the fitted sheet…. It’s round! lol

  6. I totally forgot about round beds existing! You’re right, I’ve never slept in one nor have seen it in person. It looks so quirky! And definitely a must have for a clumsy person like me. I always hit my thighs on the bed frame

  7. this is really interesting. if i have the space i would love to have a round bed in my room. i would sleep like a baby! ive never slept in a round bed before.

  8. I have 3 of these round beds. The 2 in the smaller bedrooms do not have headboards, they look like big ottomans. We have had these for 45 years, replaced the mattress on ours. We buy King Size Flat sheets, round the fitted one with elastic & the top sheet rounded on the lower 3rd to stay under the mattress. Once you get used to them, the beds are easy to make. We love them!

  9. Love how these beda look. They are pretty and seem really comfortable but unfortunately I don’t have a luxury home, ha!

  10. I had bought a round bed from Ikea many years ago it was the most FABULOUS bed I had ever owned I regret saleing it. And now Ikea doesn’t sell them any more. And sheets are very easy to get even target has round bed sheets

    • I was thinking the same Beau. When I visit Ikea switzeralnd in 2016, it was there, and so beautiful. I even sat on it and the round mattress is just perfect. Now it gets harder and harder to find these type of bed.

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