12 great ideas for baby boy’s rooms that you can implement immediately [photos]

contemporary baby boy nursery room decorative ideas

I had my first boy 7 years a go. I remember vividly that day like it was yesterday. It was one fine winter night, it was dry and clear night. My wife suddenly felt uneasy at around 2am in the morning. I told her to get back to bed as it was still early in the morning. Yet, despite she was trying to get back to bed, she was not really able to do so. Finally, by 5:34am that night, I drove her 34km to the hospital where we were due in about a week time. It was only at 1:22pm the next day, my first boy arrive.

3 months earlier

Of course, we do not leave it until the last minute before we get the room ready for our first boy. It commenced 3 months prior to the due date. We had a lot of purchase. For example, we bought crib, several soft toys, the baby cloth and baby towel as well as blanket. Not to mention ton of pamper. We also painted and decorated his nursery as well.¬†Additionally, I installed a corner bookshelf in his tiny room so that he would be well aware that reading is important when he grows up. Finally, to help my wife with the nursing, I’ve thrown in a rocking chair so that she could help nursing my baby boy while staying comfortable.

I must say, the planning was quite tedious, but thanks to the Internet, finding ideas for baby boy’s room isn’t that difficult.

Expensive and not expensive baby boy’s nursery room design ideas

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