king size platform bed with headboard DIY

diy platform bed king size
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A platform bed or a cabin bed is a modern furniture for any home. It features a base frame and a mattress that is not necessary equipped with box spring as foundation. Usually, the king size cabin bed may or may not come with a headboard. It is very sleek and modern where more and more people are interested in getting one now.

Should you buy a ready made platform bed or DIY?

The answer is really depend on how comfortable you are with the DIY project. If you are a handy man type, check the video at the end of this video. Otherwise, simply head to Amazon and buy the already made platform bed that are readily made. Most of them are not very expensive and therefore would save you time and money at the same time. The negative part is that you cannot really design the bed frame to your liking.

DIY video on king size platform bed with headboard

Check this video I found on YouTube on how you can do it yourself the cabin bed.

As a final note, a DIY project also allows you to add storage box underneath the box bed. Besides the storage, you can also adding drawers or LED light and reading light to your liking. I also have seen some platform bed with even a bookcase in the headboard. Amazing right?

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