3 beautiful corner tree bookshelf that you could DIY

Ideas for placing bookshelf in any room

corner tree hand painted with bookshelf

Be inspired, do it yourself with these beautiful corner tree bookshelf. Well, kind of as depending on how good you are, diy may not necessary your cup of tea and therefore hiring someone who is good with wooden stuff may be a good ideas.

Nevertheless, with these cute corner tree bookshelf photos, you would get some ideas for your next interior d├ęcor project. Good luck. oh and in last week of March I did a post of 7 bookshelf that you can buy it from Pottery Barn Kids here, just in case you don’t want to DIY:

Real Tree Trunk bookshelf in a corner of room

This look easy but I know for the fact that It is not very easy diy project as you will need to measure the height of the ceiling and be extra meticulous with those edges. Best is to show this photo to carpenter and get it done one for your attic.

beautiful tree trunk four level corner bookshelf
beautiful tree trunk four level corner bookshelf – a very good design for your attic

Corner bookshelf for kids room with tree design

I personally do not quite like the fact that this bookshelf is painted but well, it kind of suit well into any children room. So if you feel like artistic, you can diy for sure.

corner tree design bookshelf for kids room

Corner Accent Etagere – Bookshelf by Monarch Specialties

Not really a tree design bookshelf but I thought this etagere looks great for any corner anyway. It is currently on sale on Amazon at just $91.23, just in case you are interested.

Corner Accent Etagere

Hand painted tree in the corner of a room with bookshelf

This is a perfect hand painted corner tree bookshelf that you could diy. Be inspired and be artistic with this simple diy bookshelf for your corner.

corner tree hand painted with bookshelf

bedroom with bookshelf tree shape

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