Application of Frosted Glass shelves where other shelves fail its purpose

Far gone are times when you questioned every household installation that was related to anything made of glass. Deployment was often presumed dangerous— mostly because of the fragility of the material, and the probability of it getting broken being way higher than its counterparts.

However, things have undergone a massive change. Now is the time of toughened glass products that have decisively addressed breakage problems and the weaknesses inherently associated with the material. The hardened glass is reinforced and delivers excellent performance after undergoing transforming chemical and thermic procedures. Frosted glass shelves come from the same category of the treated glass and are used quite effectively once mounted correctly in your household settings. They are not only able to handle heavy objects but also manage to offer a pretty classy look too.  ⠀

Why shelves made of Frosted Glass?


Several reasons make Frosted Glass shelves an absolute favourite with interior decorators and home furnishing experts alike. Here are a few explanations why shelves carved out of this magnificent glass often stand out amongst the rest.

Contemporary appearance

You’ll come around various traditional and modern styles of frosted glass shelves that can effortlessly enrich any space they are placed in. Carrying pristine looks in standard white translucent or beautiful tints, they often integrate well into all sorts of interior settings. Besides, shelves made out of frosted glass are available in bespoke designs and sizes that can make any arrangement look truly unique and extravagant.


A frosted glass shelf is made up of toughened glass which then undergoes a process of acid-etching or sandblasting to achieve the appealing looks. The process makes the resulting material not only aesthetic in appearance but reasonably strong too.

The reinforced tempered glass products have a lower risk of breaking up in case of severe impact because unlike regular glasses; they do not break into fragments or sharp shards that could jeopardise the safety of those handling it. It makes them incredibly functional too.


If you decide to invest in a glass shelf made up of frosted glass, know that you are in for a long haul. The material doesn’t give in easily and is rated quite high amongst the list of most sustainable products. Since the Frosted Glass shelves neither crumble like wood nor corrode like metal, they are a preferred choice for building long-lasting racks.


Unlike conventional glass or materials like steel, wood, a frosty glass shelf doesn’t demand much in the name of maintenance. Regular dusting with a gentle brush or a soft and clean cloth is more than enough to take care of the daily dust build-up. For treating stains and smudges, your regular glass cleaner will come handy. Owing to the frosted appearance of the glass, the visibility of dirt on the shelf surface is drastically reduced.


It is easy to find the list of reputable glass suppliers in your vicinity who are offering premium quality glass installations at fairly competitive pricing.

There are glass manufacturers selling glass goods online too, and you can do a bit of research to select the top websites. Evaluate the price of glass items based on the requirements and compare the best offers. Otherwise, you may also call them to inquire about the ongoing deals.


Another USP of frosty glass shelves is that the material is scratch resistant. So you no longer have to bother about careful placements of the objects on the surface that may leave the ugly marks that never go.

Enhance brightness

Frosted glass may give a distorted appearance when you look through it, but it does let the light pass through and then scatters it. The effect gives out a bright luminous appearance that enhances the brightness of the space where your shelf is mounted.

Where can Frosted Glass shelves be used?

There is simply no such place where the attractive sandblasted glass shelves cannot work their magic out. From the living room to the bathroom and porch, you can mount them almost anywhere.

You can use them in the hallway as a gorgeous mantel holding show pieces, picture frames and other souvenirs. Flank the space with beautiful flower vases on both sides to pull off a contemporary set-up.

In bathrooms, these frosted shelves can be used to showcase your premium perfume collection, bath bombs, lotions, oils, aromatic candles and so much more.

You can even install them at the entryway or porch exhibiting stunning relics and unique artifacts to everyone who walks in.

Similarly, your study and even kitchen can benefit immensely from the placement of gorgeous frosted glass shelves.

What size and dimensions of such shelves to install?

There are two significant factors that you must consider when installing shelves on the wall:


  • First, ensure that the material used for the shelving is durable and has got sufficient span limit;
  • Second, assessing the vertical distancing between the shelves — a decision dependent on the types of items that you are going to place on them.

Span limit for glass shelves depends on the glass form, its density and overall size. Tempered glass is much more durable and frequently used in frosted versions. The average weight that the installation can handle for 1/4 inches × 11 inches thick tempered glass bracket-supported at every 24 inches is 117 pounds.

On the contrary, if you choose the annealed glass with the same dimensions as above, the average weight score will be 29 pounds.

How much will it cost?

There are usually two types of Frosted Glass versions, available in annealed or tempered options.

Say you choose 6 × 30 (inch) rectangle clear frosted glass shelf kits in 10 mm thickness with flat polished edges and 2 Small Peacock Chrome Finish Brackets, it is going to cost you $48 approximately.

The brackets are manufactured using heavy die-cast zinc alloy, which is then glazed and gives amazing shine and high resilience against wear. The kit is easy to install and includes screws to put brackets on the wall or surface.

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