Top 14 Large Round Couches For Modern Living Room

large circle couch to beautify your small living room

Latest Update on 11 December 2021: Adding one more recent found of an elegant Persian large couch. Remember to check out at the bottom of the page.

Are you tired of boring rectangular sectional sofas or L-shape couches ? If you follow my blog, you will see that i am a fan of circular furniture. For instance, one of the most famous post is round bed which attracts over 13k visitors over the last 3 years. Likewise today, i’m showing case best 9 large round couches for any modern home.

Why Round Couch? From feng shui perspective, round edge produces good flow of energy. With good energy, you are likely to be more happier and have a good zen at home. We can easily place any circular furniture such as round sofa in a corner of a modern common room and thus making it a perfect decor item. It also goes very well for a living room space with an upright piano.

Black Large Round Couch at the Corner

This couch is well placed next to minimalist grey wall at the corner of Joi Ito‘s family room. The photo was taking in 2012 using Leica Camera with ISO of 1600 and flash off. Isn’t this circular sectional sofa beautiful?

In fact, Joi took this photo in black and white on purpose. Do you believe me if I said: this round sofa chair is pink and not black?

Black Large corner round couch

Grey Round Sofa in front of white wall

This grey round sofa is a good color for a white wall. Decor with flower vases and magazine rack is recommended for this living space. You can also add a coffee table from Switzerland to complement it.

Round shaped couch chair is made from wooden frame and has comfortable upholster and is complete with a grey shaded cover. Some round sofa chair can also include a washable cover so that you could invest and change cover sheet to fit your mood of the month.

grey round sofar in a living room

Round couch with Ottoman

Buying a round seating couch is not the end of the story. To make a complete decor, i suggest to buy ottoman to go with it. Just an example, see two inspiring circle sofa with ottomans below:

round couch with ottoman
Round couch with Ottoman and recliner
Beautiful round seating couch with recliner and with ottoman. via 1stdibs

Stylish curved couch

Unlike the conventional L-Shape sectional sofa, the circular chair is on the other extreme and there are many variety. Most importantly, they are usually very stylish and very fashionable. Not only  expensive but these curved couches are produced from good quality wooden frame with comfortable fabric upholstery. Just take a look at some inspiring and stylish curved couches below:

Scarlette poltrona frau round chair

Scralette is a leather round sofa made by Poltronas Frau. The Scarlett sofa is surrounded by metal frame that supports a system of saddle-leather belts. This luxurious round lounge chair is produced by a french designer name Jean-Marie Massaud. He was born in Toulouse in 1966. He studied in Paris in the Les Ateliers, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle. Jean-Marie is famous for his work by focusing on industrial design style to home decor.

stylish round loung sofa by Jean-Marie Massaud
A perfect seat cushion for a luxurious boutique hotel.
the Scarlett by Jean-Marie Massaud

Swivel Round Lounge Chair by Divani Casa Pascal

This round swivel couch is ideal for any modern home. It is well made and designed by Divani Casa Pascal. It is not a cheap round lounge chair, on Lounge La, it is cost just below 1,000$ mark.

This swivel round chair is upholstered in green velvet and comes with 4 throw pillows. And by the way, it also comes with a small round coffee table (not a dining table, hehe). Be expected to do some assembly by yourself.

Swivel Round Lounge Chair by Divani Casa Pascal
A perfect round sofa for a seating area in a family room would be complete with an area rug.

Where to place rounded couch?

Good question and my answer is that rounded couch is suitable for two locations mainly:

Round couch for living room space: As the name given in this post, living room is a good location for placing a rounded loveseat. You can easily snuggle together with your husband or wife during winter night while sipping good champagne. To bring decor to the next level, remember to also place ottoman right next to your rounded loveseat and an area rug to warm your feet. Excellent idea, isn’t it?

Round couch for bedroom: Even sweeter if you have a large bedroom because round sofa is normally quite large and hence need a bigger space. Placing loveseat in your bedroom is especially good for those couples who love reading or watching TV at night.

On the other hand, I would not suggest to place a round shape sofa loveseat in basement. Simply because, loveseat is usually expensive which means you want to give a good impression for your visitor of this living room furniture, which is where you would spend time the most. You may experience visiting luxury hotel where a prominent circular couch is placed right in their lounge or hallway, right? Definitely, it is one piece of furniture that you want to place where it attracts the most attention.

pink loveseat circular sofa
Beautiful pink circular loveseat in luxurious hotel. Comfort level = 100% with some thrown accent pillows. via Julia Jones

Is there any round couch for sale?

Yes, if you have tons of money and would like to invest in excellent quality designer round chair, i suggest a custom made and professional brand. One tips is to make an effort to visit real physical store. If you are living in Australia, then perhaps you can head to Harvey Norman store near you for a unique round couch. For those fans in Canada, another famous shop for circle couch is Ashley Furniture or Urban Barn. Whereas those living in Europe or the US, their go to for the favorite round couch sofa is Ikea store!

On the other hand, if you would like to make a purchase from the comfort of your home, then simply purchase it online through Amazon. Simply because almost everyone knows what Amazon Inc. is. Furthermore, it has an excellent distribution network that can delivery quickly all your curved sectional sofa’s needs.

Round Swivel Couch

Ashley Furniture designed and manufactured this smoke gray color swivel accent chair. This furniture store is an American brand. You can check their website here for more detail.

round couch amazon

Single Seating Round Couch

Yes, it is possible to have a circle sofa for just one person and you can buy it from Amazon. This Fuzzy Wuzzy Swivel chair is very comfortable to sit on. Please note that this single person round chair is on a rolling wheel base and there is no hard assembly needed.


Cozy Round Lounge Couch

This lounge couch features capability to swivel 360 degrees thanks to a swivel track on the base. Very well made couch with quality hardwood. It is currently on sale by Chelsea Home Furniture on Amazon.

Semi Circle Tufted Loveseat Couch

Are you looking for a loveseat couch? Then try this Modway’s modern tufted loveseat in orange. So what stands out on this semi circular sofa is its deep button tufting with espresso stained wood legs. It is a very classic decor items for any home.

Papasan Peacock Lazy Couch

I call papasan is lazy couch as I tend to fall asleep on this peacock papasan couch. People may not necessary call this as a round couch but for me, I think it is worth mentioning here as well because the papasan can turn into an easy cuddle couch.

buy now in Amazon

Big Round Bean Bag Chair

Now that you have seen several designer style round seating couch, how about circle bean bag for you? Yes, bean bag, while not necessary very pleasing to the eyes, they are very comfortable and is suitable to be a lazy and relaxing Sunday afternoon. Check price on Amazon to find out.

big round bean bag amazon sale

Conclusion Remark

Spring is coming and so it is time to do spring cleaning. It is also a good time of the year to replace your old couch with these beautiful round couch for modern living room.

Did you realize that none of these round couches are ideal for home office? That is because they are meant to add an extra comfort to your life rather than for you to work. Check this link instead for home office setup for two person.

Safavieh Couture Curve Sofa

I found this beautiful and fashionable sofa on Amazon. This sofa adds a fresh and modern look to any common room. Oh well, you will need a large space for this curvature sofa because of its size. Its measure is 89″D x 43″W x 24″H and it can be seated up to 3 people. This couch features a champagne upholstery and a black and gold finish.

This sensuous velvet Parisian sofa will add a serious focal point to your living room. Consider buying it right from amazon here.

elegant round sofa for 3 people
elegant round sofa for 3 people

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