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It doesn’t matter how big or how small your house is, what matters is how well you have decorated your house. Having a well-furnished small apartment is far better than having a big home which is difficult to maintain. The domain of “well-furnished” is not only limited to fresh-smelling paint and lavish woodwork but also includes modern styled furniture. Today, the market is full of eye-pleasing furniture that includes unique shaped sofas, round couches, solid wood coffee tables and edgy armchairs decorated with royal looking cloth and fine motifs.

But are you someone who loves to sit on a bean bag to do office work or just to relax? Are you someone who looks for modern furniture with a plus point of extra comfort? Then you are in the right place. I’m going to introduce you to a chair that is going to provide you the comfort of a bean bag but will last much longer than it. It is called wicker circle chair.

Wicker chairs or furniture are made up of rattan. Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in the tropical regions of Asia and Australia. In Asia, rattan furniture is very common and is an invaluable part of rural people’s livelihoods, especially in South and Southeast Asia. In Bali and Maldives, you might find rattan furniture in top-notch resorts and hotels. One basic rattan product that is used by people of rural areas, as well as urban areas in Asia, is rattan baskets. Nowadays, Rattan furniture which includes sofas, tables, bookshelves, cupboards and much more is gaining fame across the globe due to its unique look and dazzling appearance. In the United States, rattan and cane furniture have become a lighter option for the heavy furnishings being produced. It is regularly being used indoors and outdoors.

Rattan furniture’s cost varies from being very reasonable to a little expensive, but not as expensive as wooden furniture. Also, rattan wicker furniture comes into multiple variants thus gives you a vast choice to choose from.

The round wicker chair also comes into different sizes and has multiple variants. Let’s look at them.

Papasan Natural Rattan Wicker Rocking Round Chair


Java Lounge Swivel Rocking Chair with Cream Cushion Natural Rattan Wicker Handmade, Colonial

This papasan swivel chair would instantly enhance the look of your living room. You can place it next to a deep red painted wall or in the favorite corner of your room. You will certainly enjoy its comfort. Please note that it is a single person chair. It combines a sustainable rattan frame with exclusive rattan weaving. It is lightweight enough to be moved easily yet stable and sturdy so as not to tip over easily. The best thing about this chair is that it usually comes with a plain fully tufted huge cushion which adds to its comfort.

Usually, rattan products are perfectly made up of good quality products and are crafted in a very fine manner, but they demand a bit extra care than wooden furniture. If you are interested to buy one, then you can buy it from here at Amazon.

Java Lounge Swivel Rocking Chair with Cream Cushion Natural Rattan Wicker Handmade, Colonial
  • JAVA SWIVEL ROCKING CHAIR: This Rattan Rocking Swivel Chair has an extra-thick wicker seat and back that practically begs you to sit down and enjoy their comfort.
  • COMFORTABLE SEATING: A soft removable and padded cushion offers a comfortable seat that's perfect to relax on.
  • DIMENSIONS OF CHAIR: 33"D x 28"W x 39"H; Seat Depth: 22 inches; Weight of chair: 35 pounds.
  • ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Easy-to-follow instructions.
  • BUY WITH CREDENCE: The quality and beauty of our products began from our passion and attention to details. Having any issues with your order? Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your needs. We guarantee – all questions will be solved very quickly.

Vintage Wicker Cone Chair

A person always drools over great design, from fashion to furniture. He is always in search of things that provide him comfort yet look fashionable and trendy. Designers usually take their inspiration from ancient, vintage goods and try to create a new product that is a composition of several vintage ideas. One such design is of this wicker chair.

The sitting portion of the chair is handmade from sturdy wicker while the legs are made up of solid wrought iron. The hairpin-shaped legs of this chair give it a modern look. This chair also serves for one person sitting.

This chair is perfect to be placed in front of a chinoiserie painted wall or even outdoor on the terrace. To your choice, you can place this chair in your study room as well, near the window so that you can enjoy reading your favorite books with extra concentration and comfort. You can also make a vintage corner in your house where you can hang some monochrome pictures of family on the wall. Put any vintage instrument like a music player on the table and place this chair alongside the table.

If you own a big home with more surface area in a bathroom, you can place this wicker cone chair in a corner, in front of your bathtub with some towels, scented candles and artificial planters on it to present vintage and organized look. But this is very superficial to say because we don’t own large living spaces like Kylie Jenner and has small or normal sized bathrooms.

To add more style, you can place printed square-shaped cushions or can place a fur cloth on this chair. It is preferred that you place vibrant colored cushions on it to enhance the look of the chair.

vintage wicker round cone chair

Ebony Wicker Egg Chair Placement in small living room

This is just another design of a wicker chair that will catch your eyes. The sitting portion of the chair is of black color and is made up of rattan material weaved in wicker style in a round shape. The back is a little long and is bent backward to give you extra support and comfort. The legs of the chair are made up of wood and extend outwards. The overall appearance of the chair is attractive and elegant.

This chair is perfect to be placed in a pair of two with a wicker table in the center. You can place them in your living room in front of light-colored chiffon/net curtains. The other option for placing this chair is to place it as a single chair in front of a vibrant-colored wall such as yellow, sky blue, turquoise etc. with a wooden floor lamp on the side. You can also place this type of chairs in your office or in waiting areas of beauty salons and nail bars.

If you can’t find the same, you might find a nearly similar variant of it easily in various stores or online.

vibrant color with chair arrangement
as seen on country living

Peacock Inspired Wicker Chair

The bird peacock also called as peafowl, is of high importance in Asian culture. The Greeks learned of the peacock only after Alexander the Great’s conquest – Aristotle called it a Persian bird. It has beautiful blue-eyed feathers tail which, in Indian culture, symbolizes wealth and prosperity. In decorative art, it symbolizes dignity and beauty. Before the invention of writing pens, peacock feathers were used for writing purposes. In Asian crafts, you will frequently find peacock inspired crafts.

Since rattan wicker furniture has a strong association with Asian countries, you will find peacock inspired variants in it as well. The peacock chair started as a photography prop before becoming a symbol of a movement. The peacock chair has taken its seat in history, supporting not only the backsides of the rich and famous but also playing a key part in the Black Panther movement. The intricate design is one that has made its way in and out of fashion throughout the ages.

To give your home a cultural yet modish look, this natural colored, peacock-inspired wicker chair/sofa is the perfect fit. It is totally made up of rattan material with a seat of wicker weaving and is thus very light weight to move around. The multiple legs of the chair not only give it extra support but also enhances its beauty.

You can place it indoor, in your TV lounge in front of a plain white wall, or near your green house with a green background. To enhance the look, place either one or three differently printed but similar colored cushions on it. Also, if you are not going to use it much for sitting purposes, you can place small artificial planters in the corner of its sitting area for decoration.

a chinoiserie painted wall with peacock chiar
chinoiserie painted wall with a peacock chair.

You can buy these peacock chairs on etsy or amazon.

1950s Mid Century Modern Wicker Chair

Mid-century style takes us back to a time of renewal as post-war America suburbanized, although its era covers pre-world war II through the 1960s. If you’re looking to add a smidge of the space age to your space, consider starting with basic accent pieces. This two-seater sofa made up of classic wood-colored rattan weaved in wicker style can be right at home in the living room or bedroom next to your clear glass window.

Its kidney bean-shaped seat with curvy armrests and mid-length arch-shaped back gives it a unique royal look. The bottom of this chair is also made up of rattan strands twisted in V-shape to present a modish look.

To make the seat more comfortable, add soft but thin cushions on the seats and thick pillows, embellished with thread tassels, on the back.

Since it is completely made up wicker, it would demand some extra care. I would suggest you not to put it in front of the window where sunlight falls directly. Also make sure, when buying, that the bottom has rubber pads so that the material couldn’t directly get in contact with the floor.

1950s Mid Century Modern Wicker Chair placement
You can buy this mid-century wicker chair from It is listed as $1750 at the moment.

Southport patio egg wicker chair

The Southport patio egg chair is a fun and unique addition to any outdoor or indoor living space. Large circular-shaped with metal legs and visually interesting enough to stand on its own, it can also still fit into a larger arrangement with ease. This wicker egg chair with cushions supports you from every angle, making it the perfect place to curl up with a good book or podcast.

Combined with warm textiles, natural wood, and bright vibrant or plain white walls, the Egg wicker chair can help your room combine farmhouse and shabby-chic styles.

No products found.

You can buy this Southport patio egg wicker chair on Amazon by clicking here.

Hanging Wicker Chair

Treat yourself to a time out in a hanging chair. A hanging wicker chair is surely a showstopper and is all you need to spend your leisure time on while reading a book or chilling casually. A hanging wicker chair is usually completely made up of rattan material and is round with no pointed edges. The weaving style is often different which lets you choose your favorite design from a wide range. Due to the variance of craftsmanship going into each chair, every piece has individualism and uniqueness in some of the pattern detailing.

The most common and easily available pattern of a hanging wicker chair is reminiscent of tree branches intersecting each other creating small squares throughout. The borders are curvy, and the core frame is standard to ensure consistency in shape and comfort. The sitting portion of the chair is a little deeper on the inside to give you a cozy cocoon-like feel. It will embrace your body with its nest-like form.

These chairs usually come with big tufted cushions that fit on the seats but if they don’t, then you can place several printed pillows and cushions on it in order to make it comfortable.

Hanging Wicker Chair at the beach

A hanging chair for couples

If you are a couple who loves to cuddle on cold cozy evenings, then this iconic double seater hanging wicker chair can be your new favorite place to embrace each other’s presence. It is usually oval and offers enough surface area for two people to sit and relax. The cavernous sitting area of the chair lets you and your partner sink back thus creating a cradling effect.

Hanging Wicker Chair for couple by Alibaba
As found on Alibaba

Another design of a hanging wicker chair is this more basic seat-like design. It is less relaxing than the previous two mentioned but looks very chic when hung anywhere in your house specifically where natural sunlight strikes more. This basic brown colored chair hung with a natural-colored rope gives a boho-chic look.

flower cushion on wicker chair for couple
This is a flower pattern cushion on a couple’s wicker chair. As seen on yoycart

Wicker hanging chair with stand

If you want to buy them mainly for outdoor purposes, then I would suggest the one that is made up of luxurious synthetic rattan fiber. It doesn’t get ruined by rain or sunlight. Woven texture, gentle curves, and organic appeal enhance the modern look of this outdoor swing. Its egg shape makes it an eye-catching addition by the pool or on the lawn. Its all-weather cushion wears a machine-washable cover that’s both water and fade resistant granting lasting comfort. Because it is made up of synthetic rattan, it comes into different colors like black, white, red other than the natural rattan color.

Island Gale® Luxury 2 Person Wicker Swing Chair ((2 Person) X-Large, Charcoal Rattan/Charcoal Cushion)

You can buy this Southport patio egg wicker chair on Amazon by clicking here.

Where to place wicker hanging chair?

They are ideal for outside use and look gorgeous on a deck, patio, hanging with a rope from a branch of a tree. You can also hang them from the ceiling of your TV lounge with a heavy-duty chain to bring the summer swing feeling inside the house.

Except for hanging it with the ceiling, you can buy a wicker hanging chair with stand (either 1 stand or 2 stands) for giving extra stability and adjustable spring kit. The benefit of this stand is that when it’s sunny you can bring your chair to the poolside or garden; if it’s warm but rainy, take it to your porch, and if it’s cold and snowy outside, just bring it in and enjoy your comfy hanging chair in the warmth of your living room or bedroom.

You can also hang single person chairs in a pair of two in your terrace or in your sitting lounge with a rattan made wicker table in the center having a nice vintage table mats on it.

Modway Garner Outdoor Patio Wicker Rattan Teardrop Swing Chair in Gray Gray

Round wicker dining chairs placement

Wicker and rattan dining chairs are ideal for a classic country look, bringing back the warmth and elegance of the past, but they also have enough contemporary flair to perfectly fit modern interior designs. And if you get a little bored with their natural look, you can easily give them a color makeover and use them as accent chairs.

I strongly prefer indoor and outdoor vintage setting, so this collection of wicker rattan chairs couldn’t be passed up by me. If you also like wicker furniture, then this set of dining chairs may prove to be a special proposition for you. Classic wicker weave design with arched backs and slightly sloping arms, carefully profiled back thus providing support for the spine and completed with soft, tufted seat cushions of your favorite color is a must-have.

You can place these chairs in a set of six or eight around a simple rectangle-shaped wooden dining table either in the kitchen, TV lounge, terrace or in the backyard of your house.

5 round wicker dining chairs with round table

Event decor with wicker furniture

Celebrating small events like engagement ceremonies, bridal shower or birthday parties at home not only proves to be budget-friendly but also gives you more nostalgic moments. Adding a bit of small elements like flowers or fairly lights can give you a photo-perfect and chic décor.

peacock wicker chair for event decor ideas

If you’re searching for a way to bring earthy touches to your engagement décor, you need to look for materials made from natural sources. If you were planning a rustic event, you might lean towards unfinished, oaky woods, but if you’re preparing for a bohemian-inspired affair, all you want is to bookmark rattan goods. For example; these two peacock chairs, placed in front of a rattan room divider with a string of flowers hanging over the divider is a perfect place for you and your better half to exchange the rings at. It is also creating the perfect backdrop for your special day portraits.

Moreover, for creating DIY photobooths on your bridal shower, you can also decorate your hanging wicker chair with multiple strings of artificial flowers that match your dress code and battery-operated fairy lights.

peacock wicker chair decor for outdoor photoshoot
As seen on phillymag: beautiful decor for a wedding by using peacock wicker chair. Nice photo-shoot with wicker furniture.

Where to buy round wicker chair and its cushion?

If you are living in Asia, then you can easily buy these wicker chairs from nearby shops. In some parts of Asian countries, there are big markets which has multiple shops of wicker furniture. They not only have a wide variety of ready-made wicker chairs but also offer you a made-to-order option so that you can get your desired design and shape.

In the USA, you can buy these from order one from because there are not so many shops which offer you your desired design. While in UK, and Europe, you can buy these from your nearby IKEA store but again, they do not offer multiple variants. So, is the best option to buy these chairs at a reasonable price with the assurance of good quality products.

SaleBestseller No. 1
YITAHOME Outdoor Narrow Egg Chair Wicker, Patio Rattan Basket Chair with 370lbs Capacity Indoor Egg Chairs with Stand & Cushion Cocoon Chair for Bedroom, Patio, Balcony - Beige
  • Comfort & style in one: Our narrow, single-person basket chair combines comfort and style, offering not just a chair but a reflection of an elegant lifestyle.
  • Carefully selected materials: We meticulously select high-quality wicker materials to ensure each chair possesses excellent durability and longevity. Whether indoors or outdoors, it exhibits outstanding stability and resistance to weathering.
  • Space-saving narrow: The narrow design of our single-person basket chair makes it an ideal choice for various spaces. Whether in a lounge, living room, or balcony, it seamlessly integrates, adding a touch of uniqueness to your home.
  • Versatile usage experience: This basket chair is not just a seating option. It can also serve as a private little enclave for relaxation, reading, or enjoying moments of solitary leisure. Its elegant curves and intricate weaving craftsmanship offer a delightful and comfortable experience.
  • Easy assembly & cleaning: To make the assembly an easy-peasy task, all accessories, hardware and detailed manual are included to help two people set up within 30 minutes. And all cushion covers are removable for easy cleaning and nice looks
SaleBestseller No. 2
Devoko Patio Porch Furniture Sets 3 Pieces PE Rattan Wicker Chairs with Table Outdoor Garden Furniture Sets (Brown/Beige)
  • - Sturdy & Durable: Devoko rattan patio furniture set is made of brown PE rattan and strong steel frame, It is durable enough to withstand rain and wind for long time using. Featuring sturdy construction and durable rattan, this porch furniture set can withstand the test of time and high temperature.
  • - Comfortable & Convenient: Soft sponge-filled seats give you extra comfort, and the covers can be removed for easy clean and maintain. Toughened glass is strong and light, which can be swabbed or washed with water.
  • - Wide Applications: Good choice for patio, porch, backyard, balcony, poolside, garden and other suitable space in your home, which perfect for indoor & outdoor using and meet the purpose of decorating the leisure places you need.
  • - Easy & Quick Assemble: Assemble easily and no need to maintenance, no worry to split, crack, fade, rot and deteriorate. If you have any assemble questions with products, please contact us by Amazon message, we will answer your questions ASAP. and meet the purpose of decorating the leisure places you need.
  • - What We Offer: A new 3 pieces patio furniture sets, Complete installation tools, An installation instruction, Our worry-free 12-month after sale service and Friendly customer service. Including: 2 chairs (21.5"*19.5"*33.5"(L*W*H)), 1 tea table (15.75"*15.75"*17.75"(L*W*H))

How about round wicker chair cushion?

Like a physical rattan chair, you can buy these round chair cushion online. For ease of simplicity, I’ve collected the top three here for you to check out.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Blazing Needles Microsuede Papasan Polyester Cushion, 1 Count (Pack of 1), Black
  • Papasan Frame NOT Included and item Includes: one (1) papasan cushion
  • Dimensions: Papasan Cushion: 44 inches wide x 44 inches deep x 6 inches high
  • This Item is Made in the USA and Imported
Bestseller No. 2
Kigley 2 Pcs Thickened Round Chair Cushion Set 44in Cushion with Round Footstool Cushion Washable Cushion with Straps, Dark Gray
  • Enough Quantity and Suitable Size: you will receive 2 pieces of overstuffed round seat cushions, so you can use them for multiple chairs; The round hammock seating cushions have 2 sizes, approx. 44 x 44 inches and 19.69 x 19.69 inches, they fit the shape of the chair better and help maintain proper posture; Note that the package does not include the chair
  • Long Lasting and Reliable Material: overstuffed outdoor chair cushions are made of quality fabric, reliable and breathable, ensuring they can withstand daily use without losing their shape or comfort, these chair pads and cushions are also easy to clean and maintain, making them more long lasting
  • Classic and Elegant Design: these rocker chair seat pads feature a classic dark gray color, simple and elegant, making them well suited for any occasion; Whether you're lounging by the pool or sitting at your desk, these round footstool cushions will provide comfort and style
  • More Comfortable: the overstuffed cozy chair cushion is designed to provide comfort and support while sitting for long periods of time; The round shaped outdoors chair cushions can better fit the shape of the chair, giving you a more comfortable experience
  • Versatile Usages: the chair soft pad is suitable for outdoor or indoor use, suitable for hammocks, cradles, rocking chairs, egg chairs, floor cushions, meditation cushions, and pet cushions; Thickened overstuffed round cushion provides you with an ideal place to read, watch TV, and relax in your home
SaleBestseller No. 3
mudilun Papasan Chair Cushion 48inch Round Chair Pillow Outdoor Soft and Durable Hanging Chair Cushions Tufted with Non-Slip Ties Papasan Cushion Only…
  • ❤ PERFECT SIZE: Papasan chair pads are available in two sizes: 44x44and 48x48.They are designed to fit snugly on the Papasan chair pan pad, so you can choose the Papasan pad that fits your chair add more ambience to your home. (It is recommended that you choose a larger cushion than your Papasan chair, as the seat frame is stable and the cushion is textile and sinks down in use, so if you choose a cushion that is the same size as your seat frame, you may have the illusion of a smaller cushion).
  • ❤ Skin-friendly fabric: Papasan chair cushion is made of snowflake fabric, which has been screened and processed layer by layer. It is not easy to fade and deform after long-term use, and it can withstand frequent use. Soft and delicate to the touch and skin-friendly fabric, you can lie back and relax on this cushion after a long day in comfort.
  • ❤ Full filling: The outdoor Papasan chair cushion is filled with high-quality sponge particles, which has high resilience and is not easy to deform and collapse after long-term use. The padding is very full and thick, which is very comfortable when you sit on it, providing you with ultimate comfort and support
  • ❤ Exquisite Design: The Papasan chair cushion is designed with tufting, which not only can hold the pad well, but also will be more beautiful. It will feel very comfortable when you lie on it, our chair cushion adopts double stitching technology, the stitching is tight, it is very strong and durable, and it is not easy to tear for a long time. At the same time, our Papasan chair cushion can be well fixed on our stool through the strap, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable life with peace of mind.
  • ❤ Multi-scene and easy care: Papasan chair cushion is designed in solid color, suitable for most indoor and outdoor decorations, whether you lie on it to read a book, or take a nap on it, it is very comfortable. They're also easy to maintain, as most can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent, then air dried, which is very convenient. This will be your choice to enjoy a comfortable life.

How to take care of rattan made products

Every masterpiece demands some extra care that helps it to last longer than expected. The same is the case with rattan made products. Whether you choose to display your rattan indoors or outdoors, you need to learn a few important caring tips. Here are some methods that you can follow to take care of the product:

  • Clean the surface regularly. A monthly or even weekly cleaning is the best way to protect your rattan furniture and prevent major damage.
  • Use your vacuum’s brush attachment on woven panels and furniture crevices. A dry brush with a medium bristle can also be used for cleaning by hand.
  • Use detergent and a cloth to scrub out stains as soon as they occur. For more serious damage like cracking or splitting of the wood, try boiled linseed oil to put moisture back into the material.
  • Do NOT drag wicker chairs around whose bottoms are also made up of fiber. Doing so will result in the splitting of fibers.
  • Use felt pads or rubber stoppers to protect the feet of cane and rattan furniture.
  • Natural plant fibers require a certain level of humidity. Keep furniture away from areas of severe heat as this can warp or dry out the furniture.
  • Rattan fibers can fade in strong light. This is a natural process and not necessarily bad. However, if possible, rotate furniture on a regular basis to evenly distribute the fading.
  • Treat the rattan or cane with boiled linseed oil and raise the humidity level of the space if any splitting occurs due to dryness.

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