19 Beautiful Small Coffee Tables for Studio Apartment

Dont waste money on big cocktail table when you have a tiny apartment

Coffee tables or cocktail tables are used to place in the large TV lounge or living room in front of sofas or upholstered chairs to support magazines, decorative vases, beverages, or other small objects. However, if you are living in a tiny space, here are some 19 beautiful small coffee tables for studio apartment that you can buy. You will have a chance to see how best to style these tables as well. Before delving into the details, let’s start with history, shall we?

The trend of coffee tables started back in the 18th century during the Victorian Era (remember to check Victorian House Style here too). At that time, tables were used to put the teacups on them. The tables used back then were comparatively taller than the ones used today. The very first coffee tables to be called as such were designed in Britain and were traditionally made from wood. Later, adopting the styles from Ottoman empire, the height of coffee tables was cut short. However, as the Anglo-Japanese style (which was developed in the period from approximately 1851 to 1900, when a new appreciation for Japanese design and culture affected the English art, especially the decorative arts and architecture of England), was popular in Britain throughout the 1870s and 1880s, low and long coffee tables were most liked by the people.

Here we are rounding up some of the best small coffee tables for apartments which would help you in choosing what sort of coffee table is best to buy for your house.

small coffee tables for studio
Which type of small coffee tables would you buy for your new studio apartment?

Modern Round Coffee Accent Table by Walker Edison

Adding a unique finishing touch to your studio apartment is as necessary as anything else and this unique finishing touch is incomplete without an elegant coffee table. Apart from the traditional sharp-edged wooden coffee tables, a round-shaped table would prove to be a nice supplement for your studio.

This marble-topped round table with an iron framework keeps a room open and light. Its round shape works especially well with deep red or royal blue colored L-shaped sectional sofas. Because the shape of the table is round, it also proves to be a great fit for small space like bedrooms or small rooms. Though the table is made up of marble but still it supports up to 50lbs of weight which makes it good for daily purposes. The marble top of the table is sealed with a protective lacquer and is also easier to clean and maintain than that of wood finished tables.

Walker Edison Coffee Accent Table
  • Dimensions: 19” H x 36” D x 36” L
  • Made with warp-resistant MDF and durable laminate
  • Top surface supports up to 100 Ibs.
  • Rubber capped feet help prevent scratched floors
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions

Rustic Farmhouse Round Metal Coffee Accent

This is just another variant of round coffee table. Instead of having a marble top, the top of this table is made up of solid wood. This is obviously more durable than a marble table and supports up to 75lbs of weight. If you have dark wooden flooring and like dark interiors, then this is a good and modern choice for your living space. The top features a natural grey-brown wooden stain that easily blends with your other wooden interiors. Though the reclaimed wooden top features variations inherent to salvaged materials such as a rustic distressed finish, visible nailheads, knots, hairline cracks, and oil stains; which may result in hue variations, rubbed edges or other antique-like characteristics.

The legs of the table are made up of black colored iron and the frame also provides extra grip to the tabletop.

Rustic Farmhouse Round Metal Coffee Table
  • Made with durable laminate and painted metal

Walker Edison Rustic Wood Rectangle Coffee Table

Your coffee table is so much more than just putting a glass of juice or being used as leg rest. It acts as a lifeline for your sofas and armchairs. The coffee table is probably the most used table in your studio because a person usually spends most of his or her time in the living room, takes his or her breakfast there, reads newspapers or magazines. Having a coffee or tea table that could be used to serve food and put magazines is very essential.

This table made up of durable laminate and high-grade MDF, can be your new favorite addition to your home. The coffee table is all made up of hard material and have straight and firm legs, which makes it extra durable for daily use.

The best feature of this tea table is that it comes with two storage or organizing baskets made up of rattan material. You can put all your newspapers, magazines, or other essentials that you wish to have on your table in the baskets, and if any guest comes over suddenly, you can just remove the baskets without any effort to make your living space look clean and organized. Note: remember to check these beautiful Wooden Magazine Holder here. You see, the coffee table with storage is very useful and effective for any small studio apartment.

Solid Wood Rectangular coffee table with storage basket
  • Dimensions: 18” H x 22” D x 40” L
  • Top surface supports up to 125 Ibs. and bottom supports up to 40 Ibs.
  • Made with warp-resistant MDF and durable laminate
  • Includes 2 PVC rattan storage baskets that support up to 20 Ibs. each
  • Ships ready-to-assemble with step-by-step instructions

ZENY Lift Top Coffee Table with large storage

This is just another storage efficient coffee table. This coffee table is best suited for your home or office because of its spacious work area. It’s unique and compact structure can effortlessly highlight your office or home décor. It is completely made up of wood and chipboard and is finished with good quality textured wooden finish. I can tell you that after passing my university student life, this type of lift top coffee table proved to be very effective for me as a student. It will serve well for those who work from home thanks to its spacious design.

The coffee table is seen to have only two layers to put things, but it also has a secret storage compartment where you can place your newspapers or magazines. You can completely lift the top of the table to convert your table into a three-layered table.

This lift-up coffee table dresses a complete of high-quality wood which ensures its stability and durability. Adjustable levelers also protect your floor from scratches.

To add some serious glamour to your living room, place some decorative pieces on the top level of your coffee table. The decorative pieces can be a hand-painted single ceramic vase with some fresh seasonal flowers or a metal object like a golden metal candle stand or a golden metal made animal statue.

ZENY Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Compartment and Storage Shelves Modern Furniture for Home, Living Room, Décor

Buy on Amazon

Olee Sleep 46″ Cocktail Wood Coffee Table

Vintage wooden coffee tables never go out of fashion. The small coffee table is made up of solid and hard pine wood and is finished in natural wooden tones. The legs of the table are made up of strong steel which instantly ensures the durability of the table.

This rectangular table also offers plenty of space for daily use because it has two levels. The wooden shelf at the bottom is best to place any additional items like newspapers or magazines.

This beautiful table has a simple design that serves multiple functions and can be used as a coffee table, end table, cocktail table, office table, etc. Its stunning design can fit any studio apartment and location and design scheme and will elevate your interior like nothing else.

If you have a gray color theme, this table would be a good contrast. In order to neutralize your color theme, place gray or white ceramic decorative pieces on the table.

Olee Sleep 46 inches Cocktail Wood & Metal Legs Coffee Table
  • Solid and hard pine wood - Natural tones and strong Steel legs for durability
  • Multiple functions - can be used as coffee table, end table, cocktail table, office table etc.
  • Wood shelf - shelf at the bottom provides Plenty of space for daily use
  • Basic home decor - fits well with any room
  • Easy assembly - shipped in a box and just screw in the bolts and it’s done

How to perfectly decor your coffee table

Just buying a good coffee table and placing it in front of your sofa is never enough. You also need some other objects to perfectly style your coffee table and make it presentable and blendable with your home interior.

Here are some suggestions which could make your coffee table look much more appealing.

Buy a Rug

Coffee tables should never exist in isolation. If you need to elevate the look of your coffee table, then pairing it up with a complimentary rug is a good option. One top benefit of the rug is that if the legs of your coffee table are made up of iron or steel, then a rug would work to protect your floor from scratching. It will also maximize the room’s comfort and look.

If your room is light and the coffee table is also light, then you should choose a dark-colored rug and if your space is light and coffee table is dark then you should go for a completely different and vibrant rug. Nowadays, animal printed rugs are in fashion and look so well with light interiors.

Decorative Trays

When you are aiming to showcase a significant number of accessories, a coffee table is the best place. Other than putting a single traditional vase you should opt for decorative trays for your coffee table. Buy an embellished tray and some dry flowers, spread dry flowers in the tray, put a scented candle, a flower vase, and some fresh flowers in the vase. Your new decorative piece is ready with almost no extra effort.

You can put this decorated tray in the middle of the coffee table or at one side and balance the other side with your favorite novels or books.

Here we have mentioned some of the decorative tray and scented candles that you can buy.

Scented Candle

Rivet Contemporary Decorative Round Metal Serving Tray

This edgy and modern tray has black mirrored glass with a metal rim and handles. Since the tray is all mirrors made it is best used for decorating purposes rather than serving purposes.

Yankee Candle

Candles are timeless and perfect for all occasions. Rather than buying simple single wick candles, try to invest in two or three-wick scented candles. Bath and Body Works are the best option to buy candles from. But if you need to buy from amazon, then that is also a good choice.

Yankee Candle MidSummer's Night Scented, Classic 22oz Large Tumbler 2-Wick Candle, Over 75 Hours of Burn Time, Quality Paraffin, Odor Eliminating, Ideal Gift, Highly Fragranced
  • Potent Scent: A masculine blend of musk, patchouli, sage, and mahogany cologne
  • Premium Paraffin: Provides a clean, consistent burn
  • Significant Burn Time: Offers 75-110 hours of burn time
  • Large Tumbler Design: Measuring at 5.6H x 3.9D, perfect for large spaces
  • Substantial Capacity: 22 ounce attractive tumbler jar with a contemporary design

Final Thought

Choosing the right coffee table for your small studio requires a good sense of decor. In this short guide, I have tried to capture some tips and tricks to make your small space look amazing with the right coffee table. I hope you enjoy it.

small coffee tables for small apartment
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