Ryder Indestructible Shoes Review

Ryder Collection or xCiter Collection? Which one makes a better indestructible shoes?

Three years ago, I published a review on bucketfeet slip on shoe, which was designed by Mr. Pheap Tarr. Now in 2020, I found an interesting sneaker that is known to be indestructible no matter what type of condition the sneaker is exposed to.

People have been wearing sneakers for so long because they are considered as one of the most comfortable shoes that have ever existed. People wear sneakers on a daily basis when they go to university, buy groceries, clubs, and bars or adventure trips. Sneakers are also called as trainers or running shoes. Running shoes come in a variety of shapes best suited to different running styles or abilities. Generally, they are divided by running or walking style: the majority are for heel-toe joggers/runners which are further subdivided into “neutral”, overpronation” and under pronation”. Sneakers are made up of complex structures of rubber with plastic/metal stiffeners to restrict foot movement. More advanced runners tend to wear flatter and flexible shoes which allow them to run more quickly with greater grip to the ground and maximum comfort.

Different brands manufacture a different range of sneakers. Some of them are specially designed for running purposes while others are designed for hiking purposes. The designs also vary and so the price. Good quality sneakers can be available for as low as $20 or for as high as $1000. The choice depends on the buyer whether he wants to spend little on daily wear shoes or a high amount of his income on shoes which he would eventually throw away in a year or two. Sneakers, like any other thing, also get worn out with the passage of time. The rubber of the sole loses its strength and starts becoming flattened which makes the shoes slippery or they get loose due to excessive use.

Ryder Indestructible Shoes

There are several things a person should keep in mind while buying shoes like a flexible sole is a must. Flexible means the ability to bend. Lots of people mix up the flexibility of the sole and the softness of the inner padding. Therefore, you should do the ‘bending’ test. If you bend the shoe (i.e. bend the heel and the toe area towards each other) and the soles take a V form, then the shoes have exemplary flexibility. Another thing you should keep in mind while buying sneakers is that the sole that comes in contact with the ground should not be flat and the sneakers should not be slippery at all otherwise they’ll not provide you a good grip on marble flooring and thus increases the risk of getting slipped.

Over the years, many brands have evolved which deals in high quality shoes. Some of the most popular ones which you already would be familiar with are Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, Reebok, Converse, Asics, Puma and much more. These brands are the No. 1 choice for runners and athletes. But in recent years another sneakers company has evolved which has started manufacturing indestructible shoes which have grabbed the attention and are of high interest for users nowadays.

Assumptions with Indestructible Shoes

When the word indestructible is spoken, the first thing that comes into our mind is that the thing or product might be made of some solid material like steel and would have laminations of other materials as well which will be helping it to become indestructible. Also, you might assume that the product will be something with boring design, not so attractive outlook and will be tough to wear on casual days.

Ok, so let’s move forward and see how many of your assumptions are true. Here’s a mini-review of these immortal shoes.

Ryder Indestructible Shoes and xCiter Collection

Ryder indestructible shoes are perfect for intense outdoor activities like hiking to a rocky mountain top without the fear of your shoes getting ripped or for any mild walk to the garden just next to your home. These shoes are not any different from normal sneakers. They are not made up of steel or any other hard material but are made up of military-grade Kevlar.

What is Kevlar?

Kevlar is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber, first developed by Stephanie Kwolek at Dupont in 1965. This high-strength material was first used commercially in the early 1970s as a replacement for steel in racing tires. Typically, it is spun into ropes or fabric sheets that can be used to make bulletproof vests or indestructible shoes. Because of Kevlar’s high tensile strength-to-weight-ratio, it is five times stronger than steel. It is also used to make modern marching drumheads that withstand high impact. When used as a woven material, it is suitable for mooring lines and other underwater applications.

Due to the use of Kevlar, these indestructible shoes are resistant to flame and have a hard outer that makes them very tough to grind. These immortal shoes are perfect to be worn on construction sites where a person must deal with heavy materials or at the gym where a person lifts the weights so that your feet could be saved from any sort of mishaps.

Overall Appearance of the Ryder Shoe

You must be thinking that these shoes must look like a rigid shoe-shaped steel box having an intense dark color that could reflect its toughness, but this isn’t true. The overall appearance of this pair of shoes is not boring at all. They are tough enough to not be damaged by the grinder but are stylish enough to be worn on weekend parties. These shoes are also lightweight which gives instant comfort to users.

ryder indestructible shoes

Upper Fabric

The upper part of these all-in-one safety shoes is made up of cotton fabric, a breathable fly mesh that prevents the feet from excess sweating and does not makes your feet feel like they are enclosed in a metallic container. The minor details of rubber sewed on the sides makes the shoes look more stylish and casual.

The upper toe is of military Kevlar that adds to the safety measure of the shoe. The steel toe cap is for the times when people see your feet as a run over for their shopping cart. It protects your foot against any severe conditions like accidentally dropping a heavy brick or a hammer.

hammer test on indestructible sneakers
A hammer test on indestructible sneakers. These shoes are comfortable and yet very durable. People call them: immortal shoes.

No-tie laces

Tying your shoes can sometimes seem like an annoyingly involving task when you’re in a hurry. To save your time and to bring you out from the discomfort of tying laces, the indestructible shoes feature no-tie laces which means no more loose laces, no more having to double knot or stopping to re-tie your laces in the middle of your game or hike.


The midsole of these Ryder indestructible shoes is padded which enhances the durability and comfort of the shoes, helping to create a roomy toe box for all-day comfort. The steel palate in the midsole protects your feet from falling heavy objects. The material of the midsole is non-slippery and do not makes your feet slip out of the shoes.


The outsole of these shoes is made up of military material and is resistant to flame and puncture. It is flexible in nature and can be twisted easily. Due to the flexibility, these shoes are the best choice to wear when on hiking because they will provide your feet extra grip.

Outsole of ryder indestructible shoes
The military-grade outsole gives this shoe its ultimate name of the indescribable sneakers.

Cost of indestructible shoes

After reading all the details and interesting features of these indestructible shoes above, you might be thinking that these would be the new Louboutin’s specially designed for people who work at construction sites or for hikers, but this is not the case. These shoes do not fall in the range of $450 to $6000. You can get your pair of indestructible shoes in less than $100 here. Or you can definitely find them on Amazon as well by clicking on the below image.

Amazon Ryder Indestructible Shoes

Buy on Amazon

xciter or ryder collection: Colors

The indestructible shoes come in two famous collections: the Xciter collection or the Ryder collections. Both of these come in different colors mainly grey, black, pink, and green. These shoes are bisexual which means they are not designed only for men; women can also wear them if needed.

pink indestructible shoes


Like any normal sneakers, these shoes are also available in sizes ranging from Eu36 to Eu48 or US4 to US13 which makes it an easy fit for every foot size.

Thoughts and Recommendations

The basic purpose of any shoe is to give your feet comfort and protection. Every person needs a thing that has some unique features but still costs like other similar products. These indestructible shoes are lightweight and puncture resistant. They also have no-tie laces which prove to be a time-saver, are made up of breathable cotton fabric which provides good ventilation and air crossing to your feet while doing intense activities and are flexible as well.

These shoes offer more features and provide more protection than your casual branded sneakers, so investing in one of these pairs of shoes would not turn out to be a waste of money.

Remember, these shoes are indestructible but not waterproof. The upper part of the shoes is made up of mesh so, we would not recommend wearing these shoes in rain or for protection against water.

Where to Buy?

Where to buy a pair of indestructible shoes? This is the most important thing that needs to be highlighted. Well, most of the social media like Facebook or Instagram pages sell these shoes for more than $100 dollars, but you can buy these shoes from amazon for well below $100 or simply buy directly from the manufacturing company here.

Are indestructible shoes comfortable?

Yes, they are made of kevlar and flexible sole. These materials make the shoes not only durable but also very comfortable to the wearer.

What are indestructible shoes made of?

Indestructible shoes are made of military-grade kevlar. This gives a lightweight feel to the shoes.

Ryder Indestructible Shoes Review


Indestructible Shoes Put to Test Video

Do not leave until you see the video clips below on how these sneakers are unbreakable. This man (Tyler) has put to test the authentic indestructible shoes that were given to him by the manufacturer. In this video, you will see him walk on the plank of wood riddled with nails. Then, he uses the shoes to be run over by the road roller. Thanks to the kevlar element, these shoes are also resistant to fire and water jet. You need to watch till the end to see for yourself.

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