4 best doorbell camera 2020 for Illinois Home

The well-being of your household and loved ones is all that matters. The best way to safeguard your home is to see who is standing at the doorstep. Good home security doorbells with camera are ideals to combat and deter would be robbers. Today let me try to do a comparison review between Ring Vs Ring 2 so that you know their similarities and differences to choose the right doorbell with camera.

SimpliSafe Pro

This doorbell comes with an application that allow you to identify the person at your door. It is powerful and easy to install and it allows you to monitor activities in your door step while you are away on vacation. So, you will not have to go to the door and check who just stopped by. The simplisafe pro goes for around $150 on amazon (check on 06 Jan 2020). Hence, most homeowners can afford to install this security doorbell in their homes cheaply.

For live video feed, you do not need to pay any subscription fee. However, if you do need to have a recording functionality, there will be additional subscription fee of around 5$ per month. The question is whether one needs to have this functionality? I would recommend yes if no one is at home most of the time. The recording will help in case of a break in or theft. It can be used as an evidence in the future.

Nest Hello Doorbell with camera

The Nest Hello camera doorbell gives you an option to view a still image for the past 3 hours without any subscription. It is therefore more ideal and cheaper version to run than the Simplisafe Pro. Currently, when i check at Amazon, it is sold at around 220$ (for more accurate price, please check yourself here). This is one affordable smarthouse security door bell that people in Illinois can easily afford. The system has a Wi-Fi feature that will allow you to see as well as speak to guests using microphones, speakers, and smartphones.

The features allow the homeowners to record messages and share with guests when you are incapable of responding to the door. The doorbell also comes with an app that will help you to detect the face of your family members and friends. oh yes, these app can be installed on multiple devices and hence all your family members will have access to view who is at the door step.

Ring video doorbell 2

There are two versions of this video doorbell: wire or wireless. Check the price of these ring 2 on amazon before buying.

Good things for Ring 2:
– Simple to install
– Detects motion
– Weatherproof, waterproof, and durable

Bad thing for Ring 2:
– Poor audio
– Lack of cloud storage

Take a look at the video below which showcases the comparison between Nest Hello doorbell and Ring2, judge for yourself:

Skybell HD doorbell

Want to buy skybell video enabled doorbell? read here first

This is among the unsurpassed bells in the marketplace. In case thieves steal your bell, SkyBell company is more than ready to replace it at a zero charge. The App that comes with this doorbell can show the history report in detail. The many features that come with this type of doorbell make it a preeminent tool. If you are looking for a HD video capability with a 180 degree field view, then Skybell HD is your goto doorbell. It also record the video on the ground without any expensive monthly subscription. What else are you asking for, my Illinois folks?

Conclusion remark

Choosing the right doorbell is essential to safeguard your home against thieves. Use my above three comparison as a guide before you buy.

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