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Kiwi bucketfeet slip on review

slipon shoe by peap tarr on sale at bucketfeet

At many occasion when people think of home décor, they forget about the accessories that are placed around the house – I refer to the shoes! As you know, shoes or slippers are essential elements of our daily needs and they are usually placed right in front or nearer to the front door. Therefore, it is essential that you put some thought into getting shoes that not only fit well for your feet but also fit well to your home.

For those fans of graffiti art or modern art, you will love bucketfeet artist’s series. In this particular case, I’d like to present a Kiwi bucketfeet shoe by Peap Tarr. Did you know why this particular bucketfeet slip on is called Kiwi Kiwi? Simple it is because it is designed by a half New Zealander half Cambodian.

Who is Peap Tarr?

Alright, so Mr. Tarr is a half New Zearlander and half Cambodian graffiti artist. He has participated in many modern art event around the world. He made his name in Southeast Asia by painting large scale street art almost in black and white. He also had painted a wall in Switzerland near to the shopping center called La Praille featuring a woman eyes. Besides painting job in the Swiss land, he also had a stint in Hawaii and France accordingly.

Kiwi Kiwi bucketfeet for sale

Now that you know the artist behind this New Zealand slip on shoes, it is time to see how does this Kiwi slipon look like, shall we?

kiwi slip on bucketfeet shoe with discount code slipon shoe by peap tarr on sale at bucketfeet

This slip on shoe is available in unisex style i.e. whether you are a man or a woman, this shoe will fit on very well. In fact, the shoes come in many size which would fit any person’s need.

These bold and warm color shoes are very durable and made from 82% polyester and 18% cotton. Furthermore, it has removable in-sole with cushion and comfort bubbles for the most comfort to your feet. There are some questions raised by customer review that whether or not bucketfeet comfortable? My answer is Yes, they are thanks to the long standing bucketfeet’s experience in this industry. Besides the comfortable element, the soles are made from rubber for better traction in any weather condition.

Bucketfeet shoes FAQ

Question 1: Can you wash bucketfeet shoes?
Answer 1: Of course, according to Bucketfeet’s website, the kiwi shoe can be wash using cold water and air dry

Question 2: Do you have any bucketfeet promo code?
Answer 2: At this point, there is no coupon available since there is no bucketfeet clearance sale yet. Please sign up in our newsletter and we will keep you post on any upcoming promo code and any clearance sale.

Question 3: Where to buy bucketfeet shoes?
Answer 3: Simple, head to Amazon page here or on Bucketfeet page here.

Did You Know? When buying bucketfeet shoes, the company pay up to 10$ back as royalty fee to the artist. This is how much how much bucketfeet pay artists for any shoes sale.

Conclusion Remark

Remember that shoes are not just for your daily needs but they also play a good home décor element as well. Whenever you buy from bucketfeet, you are contributing to the improvement of a lively hood of an artist. So why not go on and get the shoe now?

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