Six (6) best wall mounted wine rack you can install instantly

Do you love wine? Then, you will need to read this post as I show you the best five wall mounted wine rack you can install right now. Similar to the wall mounted key holder, where you can immediately impress your guest, these wine racks when properly installed will add another level of beauty to your home. While I am not a big red wine lover, my dad is. I remember when he visited me last year, he went to the local furniture store here in Bali where he ordered a custom made rack for his wine collection back home (Remember to see the wine storage ideas here too). You see, even at 67 years old, he still loves to decor his home. Oh yes, my dad is a big believer in Fengshui, just so you know.

wall mounted wine rack you can install instantly

1- Rustic wall mounted wine rack

This rustic and also unique wall-mounted wine rack will certainly impress your guest in addition to its ability to hold your preferred wine for the dinner.  This easy diy wooden wine racks consists of 4 wood slats which you can mount to the wall. Already inserted into the wooden slates are the metal wine holders that allow you to place the wine bottle upside down.


wine wall rack install installation
This is a terrific accessory for your dining room. You can DIY after making a direct purchase from Amazon . This wood wine rack kits cost at just 37.54USD as seen on Amazon.

2- Wall Mounted Wood Wine Storage Holders

This is a newly release wine rack kits by Rustic State. This liquor bottle storage holders is a two in one system: wine bottle holders and stemware racks. This modern wine rack is very easy to install i.e. it is not very heavy nor requires lot of time to assemble. In other words, you do not need to be a handyman to be able to put this rack together. Mount it on your unused wall space with the screws and anchors included in the packaging without hassle and frustration. You can instantly install this wine furniture in no time. At just 49.99 on amazon, you dont need to waste time to go to Walmart or Target for instance.

rustic wooden wine rack with Stemware Racks Organizer Walnut Stained

3- Napa Valley Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

These reclaimed wood wall mounted wine rack is made from the wine barrel in Napa Valley wineries. a Rustic Wine Rack made from Napa Valley (California) Reclaimed Wine Barrels.The company who made these reclaimed wood rack take great care in producing them by keeping the distressed, rustic chic, primitive look as much as possible.

Each unit can easily accommodate from 8 to 10 wine bottles and 6 wine glasses depending on style and size. A 4 1/2 – 7 inches wide(at the curve) x 16-17 inches high x 32-34 inches long Inside dimensions 3 – 3 1/2 inches on the ends to 5 1/2 inches at the height of the curve. Since the product is made from reclaimed hard wood, it is for sale online at around 269 USD at the moment.


Napa Valley Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack
This reclaimed wood wine glass rack is on sale on Amazon. You can buy the ready kits for an instant installation.

4- Rustic Farmhouse Metal and Wood Wine Rack

This small wine rack kits consists of metal and wooden component. It comes in the package and you only need to fit them to the wall. It is not hard at all to install this wine rack cabinet, trust me.

Rustic Farmhouse wall mounted wine rack by Twine holding 4 bottles

This farmhouse wine rack is made from rustic metal and wood. It can be mounted in either vertical or horizon direction. It can hold up to 4 bottles.

5-Hanging wine glass rack with Cork Holder

These metal wine racks hold up to 4 champagne bottles, up to 130 corks and 4 large wine glasses. It comes with screws and anchors to mount on your wall by yourself right out of the box. In other words, you can instantly install this type of metal wine rack. Do not like after your purchase? No problem, you can get money back when you buy this wine rack from amazon.

Wine Rack Wall Mounted Hanging Wine Cork Holder Holds 4 Bottles and 4 Wine Glasses

6- metal wine rack with 6 Cork Wine Charms

Similar to the product in item number 5, this metal wine rack can hold up to 4 wine glasses and many cork. The main different from the above wine holder is that it comes with 6 cork wine charms which you can you to separate the different glasses of your guests. It is very easy to install and  you wont hurt your back, I promise. After all, it costs just 47.97USD through online shop!.

Check out discounted price Here

metal wine rack with 6 Cork Wine Charms
Very beautiful and functional wine rack with corkscrews holder and four wine glasses. Oh and it comes with 6 corks charms, if this makes any difference for your buying decision.

Video instruction on wine rack mounting DIY

still having difficulty in installing these wine racks yourself, check this DIY video for the guide.

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