4 options to filter clean water at home – do like the The Indonesian do

Here’s why you need to filter your water at home

whole house in pipe filtering system

No matter how good your local water board is, it is impossible to guarantee that the water arriving at your tap will be as clean as when it left the treatment works. This is especially true in the place where I currently live. The fact is that water can pick up debris and bacteria while traveling through the pipes to your resident. This is not the only issue you face. The chemicals used to treat the water can actually cause harm to your health. The solution is to use a water filtering system. This will remove chemicals, debris and bacteria ensuring the water you drink is safe. And that is exactly what I do to my villa here in Bali.

whole house water filtering

Understanding The Filter Options

There are several different options to consider when deciding on the waste water filtering system for your home. It is essential to understand the different options on offer to decide which suits you best. It is also important to contact a good local supplier like Filtap (if you live in Australia) to ensure you get the best possible deal on your chosen filtration system.

1- In Pipe filtering system

These are one of the best solutions for cost and convenience.  An in-pipe filtering system is used fitted under your sink on a branch of your main supply. It then supplies one specific tap with filtered water. Simply use this tap for drinking water and washing your fruit and vegetables. It shouldn’t be an issue to use the unfiltered water on the rest of your home.

The great thing about this drinking water filter system is that it is comparatively cheap to install. And of course, it is very easy to use and the filters don’t need to be changed very often.

whole house in pipe filtering system


An alternative is to use a pitcher with an inbuilt filter system. The filter will probably be carbon, which is the most effective and the one used in both the other systems.This is effective but not very convenient. You’ll need to keep your pitcher topped up so that you have water when you need it. It can also take a few minutes for the water to flow through the filter. On the other hand, it is an economical way to have a safe drinking at home in Indonesia.

3-Whole House

Another option is to have the filtering system fitted to your mains supply. This means that all the water in your house will be treated and safe to drink. This is a good idea if you are worried about the effects of chlorine and other chemicals on your skin. However, it is important to note that this is more expensive and complex to fit. The filter will also need changing more regularly as you are putting much more water through it.

Reverse Osmosis System under sink water filter
This is the under sink water filter using the reverse osmosi system. You can DIY but first you need to buy the starter kits – see below for the link to buy one.

4-Reverse Osmosis

You may have heard of this type of water filtering system. It is the process of heating water until it is boiled. As the steam cools and condenses it is collected; this is probably the purest water you can get. However, this is not a common system as it is expensive to buy and run. There is also a concern that it leaves the water acidic which can have a detrimental effect on your health in the long term.

Final thought

Whichever approach you choose to adopt, providing you use a reputable service you can be confident that the water you are drinking is clean and safe. Peace of mind is the biggest benefit of any water filtration system.

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