Is a Whole-House Water Filter Right for Me?

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Despite the fact that the water which arrives at your home has been treated; there are still several contaminants in it. These can be broken into two classes:

1. Introduced by the Water Company

To treat the water your water company will add a variety of different chemicals. Two of the mist concerning are chlorine and fluoride.
Chlorine is good at killing bugs but can also cause serious respiratory issues. Fluoride as has been linked with an increased risk of cancer although it is said to reduce the onset of cavities.

2. Picked Up along Route

The other issue is bacteria and other debris which is picked up as the water is transferred through the pipes to your home. It’s no wonder that many people choose to look at what water filters are available in Sydney. But this still leaves you with the question as to whether the whole house filter is right for you.

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What Is A Whole House Filter System?

There are a variety of options available to help you filter your water. You can choose a filter that serves a single tap or even select a filter jug. Essentially these will only provide filtered water at one point in your home.

The whole house system is fitted where your water comes into your home and treats all the water before you use it for washing, cooking, drinking or even watering the plants.
You’ll probably want to invest in a whole house system if any of the following apply to you:

Contaminant Concerns

Most people focus on the fact that contaminants are only an issue if you consume them. However, when you take a warm shower your pores are opened and this increases the ability of your body to absorb minerals and nutrients.
The result is that you could be absorbing as much chlorine and other minerals by showering twice a day as you do drinking the recommended amount of water. This makes a whole house water filter not just a good idea but an essential item.

You’re Forgetful

Another good reason to invest in the whole house system is that you’re forgetful or already have an array of habits. This may mean you don’t drink from the designated tap when you should; you’ll simply drink from the one closest to you.
It is worth noting that a whole house water filter system is significantly more expensive than a filter on a single point. But, it will give you peace of mind and this is especially important if you have children and other loved ones you’re looking after.

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Consider The Hardness Of Your Water

You should also consider how hard your water is and whether you need to use a reverse osmosis filter to soften it. This will allow you to remove contaminants while softening the water but it may not be viable as part of a whole house system.
You’ll need to talk to the professionals to work out what is best for you and your home.

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