On a budget and want to Decorate a New Retail Space?

Easy tips to decroate your retail store

string light decor in shop

Starting a new retail space? This is such an exciting time in your life, but it can also be very challenging. After all, starting a business takes quite a bit of money, and starting a retail space means you not only have to pay rent, but you also need to decorate the place and ensure it’s functional. If you have a tight budget and are looking to create a killer retail space, then be sure to use these tips.

Hire a commercial painter

Opting for commercial painting may seem like the complete opposite of saving money, but it will actually benefit your budget. Commercial painters have the experience to work within different spaces, and they know which products to use and will typically work with your budget. Plus, by allowing someone else to come in and do the job, it will save you time from doing it yourself. And since you can instead focus on other things, it will ultimately save you money too.

Hit up garage sales

There’s no reason for you to spend a lot of money on furniture or other décor-based items for your retail space. Instead, visit garage sales and estate sales and find pieces that will work well in your space and that can be versatile. For instance, bookshelves and tables can be great for storing items and displaying them at the same time. Plus, you will save so much money snagging a bookshelf for $5 than you would be buying it new and in bulk.

Use all your space

Most people only tend to use the spaces they can reach, but there’s nothing keeping you from going all the way up and using height to your advantage. For instance, opting for high shelving units can be a great way to store excess items or display new ideas. For instance, if you’re doing retail, you can put mannequins up high to show off new pieces of clothing and how it pairs with other items. This way you’re not taking up floor space with mannequins and instead using every inch of your space. Plus, using all your space allows you to downsize to a smaller location, which in the end saves you money on rent.

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Create your own dividers

If you need to divide your retail space into different sections, find ways to do it yourself instead of having more walls added to the space. For instance, using tapestries, curtains, or bookshelves will be a lot less expensive for you to decorate and divide the new space than it would be to have new walls permanently installed. Plus, doing it this way allows you to change the layout out when you need to, making it better for you in the long run.

Keep it simple, idiot

There’s no rule that says you have to go over the top when decorating your space, so why not just keep it simple? Use fun colors on the walls and allow your products to be the focal point of the space. You don’t have to buy things to put all over the walls or spend a fortune on interesting carpeting or eye-catching details. Instead, using the minimalist approach will make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for and truly get the benefit of your products.

Go with string lighting

If you need to add lighting to the space, consider using string lighting instead of buying individual light fixtures. For instance, rope lights, Christmas lights, or even patio lights can be a cost-effective way to create the additional lighting you need without going overboard on your budget. Plus, you can hang them up on the ceiling in a fun way that gives your customers something to look at when they come in to your space.

string light decor in shop

Don’t go overboard with products

If you have a lot of SKUs, you’ll be searching for places to put them. This can create a crowded look and make it harder for you to keep a low budget. Instead, try to keep your orders low and see what items are selling and what aren’t. This way, you will have a better idea of what to purchase for your space and what you could do without. By having the right items for sale, you’ll increase your sales and decrease your overhead, and that’s the best way to have a profitable business.

Opening a new retail space will come with a lot of expensive things to do, but decorating your new space doesn’t have to be one of them.

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