HDB flat in Simei by Box ID from Singapore

Simei HDB redesign for rent

Who say interior of HDB (or Housing Development Board flat )can’t be beautiful? For those who do not know, HDB is a public housing project for Singaporean. It is a standard looking box like apartment. In Europe, they call them condominium but in Singapore Condominium would have a different meaning. Ok, So the exterior of the HDB is almost the same everywhere in Singapore i.e. tall building. However, when it comes to interior design, for those who have additional cash to throw in, you can design them to your liking. In this article, I am going to feature another Singapore interior designer: Box.ID Studio.

Who is Box.ID Studio?

You can say it is an interior designer located in 137 Jalan Besar, Singapore. It is a brainchild of Jeremy Lee. This studio not only provide interior design services but also construction services ranging from projects on commercial entities to private housing to condominium projects.

The company was established since 2000 aims at providing the best liveable space to the common Singaporean. Hence, the topic today is to make an HDB looks beautiful.fully renovated simei HDB flat for rent

Simei HDB redesign

As specified before, HDB is a standard flat commission by the government to making housing affordable for all Singaporean. For those who does not invest extra financial element to the interior of the flat, be expect to receive a quite standard look and feel. On the other hand, for one family in Simei Singapore, they decided to invest with Box.ID studio, the Singapore design firm. The final look and feel of this HDB has improved considerably. See the impressive photo of the HDB redesign below.

Simei HDB flat bedroom Simei HDB redesign for rent


Final thought on SG’s interior designer

The Housing Development Board (HDB) is a Singapore public housing Authority. The Authority plans and develops the Singapore Housing Estate. Established since 1960, the HDB Authority was responsible to provide a good and sanity living condition to all Singaporean. Fast moving forward to 2017, any tourists would immediately recognize the HDB flat that is so widespread across this small red dot nation. Nevertheless, with more and more creative interior designer based in Singapore, we can always find a great design inside the HDB flat, just like this flat in Simei Singapore.

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