Floating World by Hyla Architects

full front view of a singaporean designer house

This is part of a series where I introduce to you Singapore interior designer . Today, I am going to introduce a project called Floating world by Hyla Architects.

This projects features a pure white box floating over a aquamarine pool. This detached house has a basement for two cars and a concrete staircase to the front yard where located the swimming pool.floating world residental design front view by Hyla Architects

This floating box is actually a nick name of a Singaporean designer project in Windsor Park Road. This bungalow next to upper Thomson road was completed in May 2009 and was constructed by QS Builders Pte Ltd.

The two-storey bungalow has a large living and dining room. Its kitchen is cladded in black which strike a balance with a white box protruding out floating over a pool below. The family room has a glass box extension that cantilevers over the swimming pool for added effect and the bathroom is illuminated through a skylight from the above with aluminium trellis. In short, this Singapore bungalow is a real luxury living in this small state country.

full front view of a singaporean designer house
Beautiful swimming pool in front of a luxury house in Upper Thomson road in Singapore. Feature a red sofa in a large full panel glass window living room.
inside bathroom of the floating world residential design by Hyla Architects
aluminium trellis gives shade to this large bathroom – an architecture design by HYLA Singapore.

car garage with staircase toward the front gate - Singapore architects Night view of a floating world by Hyla Designer based in singapore

About HYLA Singapore

Han Loke Kwang is the main architect behind HYLA Singapore. Thanks to its unique experience and knowledge, HYLA has won many top design prize such as the Singapore Institute of Architect’s Design Award and Architectural Heritage Awards by Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority. Furthermore, the company won many internationally accolades, which is to be praised.

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