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Best 9 Swimming Pools in Cambodian Hotel

harmony hotel in phnom penh swimming pool

In the middle of heating sun, swimming in a pool seems to be a great idea. That is why if you are visiting Cambodia this Summer, you may want to check out these pools which are open to the guest of the hotels. Check them out below for a great pools design in Cambodia. Tamu […]

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ADA compliant pool lifts

handicap portable pool lift review

Swimming is a great exercise which involves the movement of hands, legs  and all parts of the body.  While having fun, swimming enhances flexibility and improves endurance as well as helping to strengthen the abdominal muscles. That is why it is advisable for pregnant women to swim. While many of us can swim with ease, others cannot […]

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12 never seen before mansions’ swimming pools at night

full moon swimming pool at night

On 8 June 2017, I have published a post on best ideas for small backyard swimming pool. In that post, you had seen different type of pools. For instance you have seen 8 inground swimming pool, and 8 above ground plus 2 fiberglass pools. What you have not seen so far is the evening or night view of […]

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18 best ideas for small backyards pools

above ground glass rectangular pool for a luxury home

Who does not like swimming pool in a hot summer day? I know I do. I enjoy the idea of plunging myself into a cool water during a hot day right after work. Summer is synonymous to the long evening time and therefore, spending the evening in either a hot tub or a pool in […]

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coleman lay-z spa inflatable hot tub Review

hot tub video instruction

I love hot tubs for a relaxing session. Especially on the day I had so much stress at work. Using the hot tubs is a way for me to get away from all the worries. You see, I do not like doing sport (my friend called me couch potato) i.e. I do not even like to work or […]

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Amazing Telescopic Pool Enclosures by Czech IPC Team

With these amazing Telescopic Pool Enclosures by Inter Pool Cover Team (IPC Team), you still can swim in your swimming pool either in the best weather or the worst one. They are easy to operate and your swimming pool will be protected year-round with these telescopic enclosures. With beautiful scenery in and around the pool, you will enjoy clean water and yet feel comfort while you […]

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